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Friends needed - Thank you

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Hello everyone, back on May 17th I posted with a message Friends needed and so many of you responded with greatly needed information and overwhelming support, for that I want to thank you and say I'm sorry I havent been back since my first treatment because it really kicked my butt.

The first treatment went well, I went home and slept it off but the next week was the worse I have ever had. I took my meds and they helped but nothing prepared me for the dizzyness and out of focus vision. I called my doctor and all they wanted to do was a brain scan at the end of the week and seem to have no concern for the fact that I couldnt stand up or function. I decided that this was being caused by my sugar levels being so low so I started eating popsicles every 15 minutes and after 4 I was back to my normal self and able to eat some solid food plus they help with the sores in my mouth and throat.

I'm feeling good today and thank all of you for the support.

Linda (misty)

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Linda good to hear you are doing better... So stock up on the popsicles and we will look for a picture of the popsicle stick cabin your gonna make for us...LOL Wishing you lots of good days. Laura

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Hi Linda,

It's good to see you're feeling better finally. Did you try Zofren to help with dizziness and nausea? It is a very expensive medicine, but my doctor had prescribed it for me to take during the whole week, and that really helped ! Another medicine using the same molecule didn't work for me. You just have to try different things, sometimes.

I'm glad you're feeling good today, at least.
Take care,

With a big hug,

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Hi, maybe you can help me. My grandmother has been on chemo and radiation/4 weeks radiation and now she goes once per week for chemo. Chemo was really easy on her at first but this week she is running fever, looks really bad, has thrush and can hardly stand up. Is this normal? Do you think she will be better? Also, did you use anything to help with the side effects of chemo. She has not been nausiated but all this other. Thank you, Shawna

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When a person gets a fever of 100.4, they need to go to the hospital - where you are being treated or nearest one - first probably call the doctor.

Didn't the medical team tell your grandmother that. I know someone who was not told about the fever possibility. Her blood count must be down - white cells - thrush and mouth sores go somewhat together. I had one week with AC #4 and really bad mouth sores. My heart goes out to her.

Nancy mentioned UlcerEase - a mouth rinse - which I liked better than the RX concoction I got from the onco nurse. Ulcer Ease is over the counter - no Rx. Rinsing often with warm salt water is also helpful too. But she might need something for the thrush now.

But definitely get in touch with your grandmother's doctor - they need to know her condition.

Good Luck and send her love and hugs from me-Jean.

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It's always good to have Gatorade in the house.(Doctor recommended) This would have probably worked in place of the popsicles or along with a few.
It gets the electrolytes balanced again.
As an aside, good to drink when you have diarrhea. I buy smaller bottles because once open, they do not keep a long time in the refrigerator.

Looking back with the AC - don't remember which you are taking - the second week I felt really strange one day - I toyed with the idea of the emergency room - but then the next day my hair began to come out in clumps and I think that all was connected - my head had felt odd the day before also.

Each time is different - causes stress but never boredom!!

Best wishes for continued good feelings, Jean

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Linda good for you. You made me "misty"eyed with your message.lol I hope you continue to let us know how your doing and let us help put a smile on your face when those ugly days return

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