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Need advice for grandmother

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My grandmother, who some of you know about is about to end her first round of chemo in two weeks. She wants to be ready to stage the next round of her battle with some herbal stuff. Do any of you know or have an opinion on Sun soup, shark cartledge, essiac tea, grape juice, noni juice, antioxidents? Some of these things are not recommended during chemo, but should you start using them after? Anyone tried any of these or other herbal treatments. Please let me know because we are about at the end of this and we need to get going on something else. Thanks to all.


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Hi Shawna, I'm glad you posted this question. I am also interested. You are the first person to mention Noni juice. An old man told me that this product cured a lung cancer for his wife. I had never heard of it and did not know what it was. I'll be reading in for all the replys. Love to you, Nancy

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You can go to noniusers.com and find out more. I just want some information on it's benefits for cancer sufferers. My grandmother is having a bad time with chemo so I need help fast. Thanks. Hugs, shawna

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Shawna, I used Noni Juice during my chemo treatments. I found it good for energy and it also helped with my WBC. I am not on it now, as I do a lot of juicing myself, like carrot for energy and clery for detoxing. I hope this helps.

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