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My earliest symptoms were pain when having intercourse, followed by rectal pain when sitting, and eventually rectal bleeding and a swollen lymph node. Unfortunately I waited seven months before seeing a doctor, and by that time my bowel movements we coming through the vagina. I was taken to the ER and admitted immediately. I had a malignant tumor the size of a grapefruit between my vagina and rectum. Two weeks later I had colostomy surgery, then radiation and chemo and more surgery. However, it wasn't until after the major surgery that they finally diagnosed it as vaginal cancer. Until then, doctors weren't sure where it originated. Just a reminder to never ignore any symptoms, and don't put off seeing a doctor!!

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Thank you for sharing. I also had vaginal cancer with the same symptom although I was luckier and it didn't progress as far. In fact, I mentioned the pain as an after-thought during an annual PAP exam. The PAP, unbelievably came back negative but through a good doctor (who doubted it was anything serious, though), the cancer was found. Again, thank you for sharing your message. I find hardly anyone who has had this cancer.

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I had cancer in my vagina, though it wasn't the primary site. I didn't realize that it COULD be. Mine had metastisized from the small intestines, to all of my female organs. They found it in my vagina after the hysterectomy, in the tissue they took out with my cervix. I just finished 6 weeks of radiation to the pelvis and vagina, now we hope for the best. How long ago did you have your cancer?

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I was diagnosed approximately five years ago. I still suffer with residual symptoms from the radiation therapy (I honestly believe they gave me too much). But, I am lucky that the cancer has not returned. It took me about a year after radiation finished for me to find a doctor who specializes in vaginal cancer. She also referred me to a specialist in reconstruction. Here, I was very lucky, too. The doctors repaired the burn holes left from the radiation and did some plastic surgery and other related surgeries. It turned out pretty well although it took a while to heal. As I said, I am still left with residual problems from the radiation but doing pretty good.

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Hi Nancy..would you tell me were can I find a good specialist in vaginal cancer.I know for experience that a good doctor can make a difference. I have my sister with vaginal cancer and I want to be sure she receive the right treatment. There is a way to know information about her doctor ?

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Hi, I'm an 11 1/2 year vaginal/cervical cancer survivor, having been diagnosed when I was 38. I thank God for the years that He's given me since then. Though I had excellent dr's, I didn't know the downside of not using a dialator after my treatments and my vaginal area closed up. I just found out just over a year ago, that the doctor feels that it's too dangerous for me to have reconstructive surgery. Does anyone have any advice? This really devestated me when I got the news. I, too, had hot spots, that required surgery a year after my treatments. Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated.

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See, thats my fear. I've been through surgery and chemo since last Sept. for uterine carcinoma. Currently I am getting external beam radiation and my drs. planned vaginal brachytherapy to prevent metastatic activety there. That seems like a dangerous gamble to me. Scar tissue in my vagina? Please elaborate on your residual symptoms, I need to know what to expect so I can decide what to do, or not to do. Thanks.

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Hello, I am new to this board, but it is strangely comforting to see I am not alone. 5 yrs ago I had a complete hysterectomy for cervical ca. My physician neglected to tell me that I needed to continue to see her for checks every 3 months. @ months ago I started what looked like a period...with no reproductive organs! HMMMM!! I had a check up and guess what ? Stage 3 vaginal cancer. Surgery, chemo and radiation..hopefully we got it all..still have to do brachytherapy, june 10th. Please take care of yourselves...life is sooo sweet.
thanks for listening...liz z.

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I am also new but an old vaginal ca survivor. Mine is now 22 years post radiation. So there is hope! I had the same symptoms as you all and it was also 9 years post cervical cancer hysterectomy. I had the 1st class 5 pap smear my doc had ever seen. After 7 weeks of radiation with an implant for 72 hours the tumor was gone, no surgery. I ended up the radiation colites, IBS, esoph reflux but have controlled it all with diet. Now I have a new side effect and wanted to see if anyone else has these symptoms. I have neuropathy in my legs and after lots of testing they have concluded, only thing left, that th radiation has been eating away the mylen sheath around my sciatic nerve. No pain, thanks, but leg cramps, restless leg and footdrop. Palites seems to help but I was hoping there was someone else out there. But have hope I am a 22 year suvivor!! LuvLyn

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How are you doing now?

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I was wondering if anyone could help me.
I have been going to the Dr. about 7/8 months. At first I was having vaginal pain, and was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis. I was perscribed with antibiotics, and when that didn't work, with a vaginal cream. After the pain worsened, and I started experiencing pain during intercourse, and abdominal pain. I was perscribed with amitriptiline for pain (this is a low dose~10mg of antidepressants), the pills stopped working as well, and was perscribed 20 mg.
I saw an OB, and was given a pelvic ultrasound to check for fibrois tumors, becuase she found my uterous to be overly enlarged, and seemed to be pressing on my bladder. During this time I was having very painful bowel movements, that are so bad at times they would bring me to tears. Nothing was found, and now is suspected to be endometriosis, becuase of the pain, and I alos have prolonged menstral cycles sometimes 13/17 or even 20 days long. The Dr. has put me on birth control pills, and told me to take more fiber, and to walk about 45 min. a day (she wants me to do this for 3 months, and if the pain doesn't recede, she will do a laporoscopy, to check for endometriosis.
Today I am (was worse this morning) having extreme pain just below my tail bown, whenever I sit, as well as pain while walking walking, and extreme pain just behind my pelvic bone, that made me want to drop to my knees. I have also through all of this had very bad lower back pain....

My question is does any of this sound like symptoms of vaginal cancer? Do any of you have any suggestions?

if you like you can e-mail me at zitra@frontiernet.net


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