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Liver Cancer/Spread to Abdomen

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My ex-husband recently diagnosed with liver cancer that has spread to the abdomen and outside the intestines. Wondering about any new hepatic chemo drugs for this type of cancer. Don't know the stage yet but the oncologist says there might be a new research drug but the surgeon says just to control his pain. We are very close still (even though I am re-married) and have 2 children ages 24 daughter and 19 son. My son lives with his dad right now and is having a tough time. Looking for support groups as well. This has been a tough time for all of us and I find this whole thing surreal. Any suggestions appreciated. I also pray for all of you that are effected by this terrible disease.

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Hi bethp322, my boyfriend Thomas also have liver cancer, he is only 21 like myself. Things are really bad right now, same case as your ex-husband, the cells had already spread to the Abdomen, but also on two other lungs. Please let me know if you find anything.

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