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My Mom died in March, 2001

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My Mom died in March of 2001, and I'm looking for others who have perhaps been the primary caregiver who are grieving a loss?
The group I found on-line had too many other things going on to truly be helpful.
Is anyone else still trying to get through the day to day adaptation to only being responsible for themself?
It's been 5 years since my Dad died and my Mom was rediagnosed. I lived with her, and luckily was with her right to the very end.
I was able to "let her go" and be there alone with her after a very quick descent into death.

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hi my mom just recently died in may, she lived with me and my family, she died 58 days after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it was a horrible experience for me to watch my mother slowly die, and painfully, my children and husband all shared in the caregiving responsibilties, i feel like i've lost my best friend, it is quite a shock to me the last couple of weeks i've tried to keep myself as busy as i can, i work full time and i love to garden, so i have engulfed my self in work and gardening.

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I am very sorry for your loss..I had lost my husband to cancer just 2yrs ago and I am still greiving and trying to get on with my life alone...It is very hard and lonely..My daughter and myself were with him up until the very end...We also let him go, inwhich we were okay about, but you will miss them. it gets easier each day...I was also the caregiver..If you wish to correspond, that would be nice...

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I was a caregiver for my husband who died 2 yrs ago...you should be proud you hung in there for her...

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