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My question is, how do you determine how long you are a survivor? Meaning, when someone says they are a 2, 3 or 4 yr survivor, how do they work that out? Thanks and take care.

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I believe survival is measured from the date of diagnosis - in my case, coming up for two years (Stage III.

Best wishes. Carol

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I asked my oncologist when someone could be considered "in remission" (had surgery Jan 2,01) and he said "Now" - as long as nothing more turns up, a person is in remission. And I guess it would go back to surgery or diagnosis as Carol said.


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I agree with Carol Jean,
When you are diagnosed you are living with it from that day forward. I think humans just survive life.
My favorit line use to be "She endured and survived. Marginally, perhaps, but it is not required of us that we live well."
Anne Cameron from Simple Abundance

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I've heard the same thing as the others. I asked my surgeon and she said they use my surgery date (just over one year for me). Let the count begin!!! Congrats.

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From the day you are told you have Cancer. You are considered a Survivor.

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