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Thanks for the work advice

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I think I will try to go full time July 1 afterall. I proved I could work 45+ hours during everything, post-diagnosis, after surgery, 6 of 8 chemo treatments because I did want to keep busy and try to normalize my life thru it all. But when I was getting stressed from a new manager I thought "WHY am I putting myself thru this?" Just need to focus on my health. Work will ALWAYS be there and in the end no one ever said they wished they put more time in the office. right??? I realize I am very fortunate to have good benefits and able to not work without getting behind in bills, etc. I think I will take a trip before I go back to celebrate me being cancer-free.

Everyone is in my prayers. Take care.

madde, good luck with the remainder of taxol and radiation

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I myself have realized I have worked long and hard and now I have had a wake up call to live my life. So much has gone by, my son is grown and I have missed so much. Now I realize that the less I go to work the better off I will be. I have had the money with good jobs but nothing like having a life to live.
Finally having a life

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Hi there,

I stayed off work during chemo, then went back to work during radiations (went to the hospital first thing in the morning, then to work). I had a high stress job. I've done a lot of reading and a lot of thinking and you're right : cancer is a wake up call to better live our lives, and our lives are not about work, no matter how much we like (and need) our jobs. I am now a 2 year cancer survivor, changed jobs within the company so I would have less stress. I no longer work Wednesdays, and I enjoy life and my daughter so much more !
You know what ? The hardest thing for me about chemo was : I am going to have to live with myself for months, I will bore myself to death, I am no fun to be around. I realized work was an escape FROM ME. I have come to accept ME, and I now enjoy being with myself. I still like my work, but it is not as important to me as it used to be. My life is. And my family.

A repented workaholic,

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