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I am two years off treatment.I will be turning 18 in three weeks.I am looking for others who are on or off treatment as well.I would like to talk with others who have had osteo.

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Hey I was dx w/ osteogenicsarcoma when i was 12, now i am 20 and have been cancer free for 7 yrs. I was only on treatment for 3 months b/c it destroyed my system more than the tumor its self. feel free to e-mail @ dpinn98300@aol.com.
blessed be --

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I was dx w/ osteogenicsarcoma when i was 17, and now i'm 38 and still going strong cancer free! i went through 9 mon of chemo every 3weeks, with determination and a strong will to live i'm here today!

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I am now in treatment. My diagnosis is also an osteosarcoma. I would love talking to you. I am new to this page so I dont know how it works. My email is ariesandiego@aol.com
Take care and hope to read from you soon.

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Hi my name is Jennifer. I am almost 13 years cancer free. I got diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma when I was 13 years of age. I am now 30. I had it 3 times. It came back to my lungs in 1995. I am lucky to be here. You are too. I read your story and wanted to give you hope. I was told I would never be able to have children. I have 3 wonderful,beautiful girls and 1 son. I would love to hear from you.I would love to chat

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Jennifer, it was great to hear your story. My wife is a survivor of osteogenic sacroma. Her name is also Jennifer, she is 27 and also had it 3 times including her lungs. We visited this site in on a fact finding mission to see if there are survivors out there who have had children. We are considering parenting and would love to chat via e-mail if you have an opportunity.

Being relatively new to the site, is there anyway we can e-mail directly rather than replying to an e-mail string?

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