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vascular invasion

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I had a lumpectomy with the tumor messuring 1.6cm with clear margins. Not sure about the nodes yet. There was vascular invasion. Anyone with this problem. It's very scary.

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hello...I had a 4cm tumor, clear margins with lymph node channel invasion, is that what you mean? it just means that it is suspicious but not definate for some positive lymph nodes. because of the nature of my cancer...it was aggressive, fast growing and estrogen negative, I was going to be treated with the strongest chemo,followed by radiation anyway, so I opted to forgo the lymph node operation...and am very happy with that decision....lindy

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Yes, I had exactly this...my tumour was somewhat bigger...lobular,,and i did have lymph node involvement. I researcehd vascular invasion because it alarmed me too, and it simply means that the tumour cells hve been found within the blood vessels...as I quizzed the doctors it became apparent that this finding did not alter the staging of the disease, nor did it alter the course of treatment they decided for me, but that it was a point to note that might indicate that tumour cells could be travelling the body,....bone and liver scans showed no sign of tumours elsewhere(metasteses) so that was good..I had a lumpectomy, then a full mastectomy as they did not get clear margins, chemo 4 doses of A/C, and I am just finishing radiation. My doctor has given me an 85 to 90% chance of being cancer free in five years...I hope this helps you...Regards Susan

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