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How can I care for her?

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My sister has terminal cancer, and will soon be bedridden. I want to stay with her during the day, but I have to support my family. I've thought about training as home health nurse, but don't know what the requirements are. Does anyone have any experience in working at home and being a caregiver?

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My sisters and I tried taking care of my dad at home. We took turns and did the best we could. We all worked and had to take time off. We found that our best was nothing compared to experienced home health care workers. We knew my dad needed 24/7 care and found it was in his best interest to put him in a small in home care facility. It's an assisted living situation located close by. He has the resources to take care of all his needs. He'll be 92 this year! Explore all your sister's options. Offering to take care of her is a blessing but everyone has limits and boundaries. Get her involved, if possible, in the decision- making. I have a brother who died of AIDS and he had a volunteer 24/7 caregiver group. With faith, hope and love anything is possible.

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My mom was dying and we took her home to her own bed and cared for her. Granted, my sister and I are nurses, but that was with other people not your own family. We had hospice set us up and we took care of her. You can do this too. call the hospice nurses, are there for your sister and also for you. You can do this for her, you already had your training for you are her brother, and thats all you need. trust yourself, don't be afraid, help her know its ok to let go and let her know that you will be ok. just be there for you and her
this will help you in ways you never thought possible

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