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taxol and weak legs

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Hello to all,

Along with pains especially in the legs with taxol, did anyone find their legs to be unstable and buckling unexpectedly when walking. Luckily I am retired because I hesitate even to go for groceries now because my legs are not very supportive. I guess this will be my one taxol treatment. It went so well Friday and Saturday I had no pain either that - joke on me - I thought I would escape - pretty dumb of me!


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Dear Jean,
I'm sorry to hear your Taxol treatment was a tough one. I have had the same experience with my Taxol treatments. The first one was awful - no pain meds - thought I was going to scream! I told my Dr. I wouldn't go through it again without some strong meds. She gave me percaset (sp) and it helped a lot. I was groggy for 4-5 days but at least I wasn't in the pain I was before. I needed Advil's for the week following the strong meds. I too noticed my legs were weak but as the days go by, they got stronger. I try to walk a little every day and that helps - even a little trip around the backyard seems to loosen them up a bit and make them stronger. I came so close to stopping the Taxol treatments, but with the pain meds I decided to continue. Talk to your Doctor and I hope if you decide to continue that the medication helps. I will keep you in my prayers.

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Hi Jean,
I too had very strange and sporadic weakness in my legs. I have a screw in my left ankle and when the pain came I could litterally feel the entire screw sitting there inside my bone ( ALSO very sore other places like backbone and ribs and skull bones)
but the really scary part was that my knees and hips would not reliably hold me up especially when going down hill or down stairs. I took a couple nasty tumbles.

my pain too did not arrieve until after 36 hours and then only mildly, worse the next day and so on.

they will probably not suggest stopping the treatment unless you are experiencing the peripheral neuropathy in your hands or feet.

I have the weakness still (6 weeks after my one taxol treatment)
good luck and my prayers and very gentle hugs, cher

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Thanks to some special people always there for some moral support. Dear Cher - esp.- I will be praying for you hoping the chest spots will not be serious.

I am not taking any more taxol - that's it - interesting that regular pain meds do nothing.

Courage and good luck to all of us.


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Hi Jean,
Sorry to hear you had a bad time with the texol. I too found my legs unstable but it all went away when the pain did. For me it lasted 5 days. After I still had tingleing in my toes and finger tips ( like being frost bitten ). My last Texol treatment was Feb. 15,2001 and all is gone now. It eases with time. It all so depends on each person. No two are the same.
I will keep you in my prayers. Take care and stay positive.
Many hugs to you Leanne

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Jean, I had the same buckling feeling. I felt I needed a walker but had none. Had to use the wall to hold onto to get to the bathroom and kitchen. Stopped after one treatment. Was really afraid of being crippled for life if I continued. Fell on my stairway when I tried to keep off the balls of my feet and slipped off a step walking on my heels. Bruised my tailbone really badly. Achiness usually sets in on 3rd day. I am interested in hearing from the makers of Taxol on how many women suffer like this but don't think the oncologists are providing them with feedback. Welcome to the Once is Enough Club. Margaret

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Before I started chemo, the figures I received from the oncologist were up to 30 % of women could be left with PERMANENT numbness and tingling of hands and feet.

There are no guarantees in this thing so one treatment or four could be as beneficial. I'm going to again discuss this on my next three-week interval visit before the next scheduled taxol and may chance a second, but probably not. Had pain in my operated on breast today - quite distinct which gave me pause too.

My feet stopped hurting continuously - now only when I walk - and I walk CAREFULLY.

Thanks for your message.


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