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reconstruction surgery

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My tumor was large so chemo was done first - now I am planned for a double mastectomy then radiation - anyone experience this order? Conflicting advice on reconstruction prior to radiation vs. after radiation. Thanks.

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My sister in-law had chemo first to shrink her large tumor. She had planned to have a lumpectomy but did mastectomy with immediate tram reconstruction (from her tummy area). She has just finished her radiation and went back to work. She is doing fine. I have heard that reconstruction doctors prefer to do work closely with surgeons during one operation. Also radiation makes the skin firmer and less elastic to work with. I had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation and my breast is much firmer than the untreated one. Margaret

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This is teh order I have been given as well. I am only on my second chemo. I will have 6 more, then mastechtomy and then radiation. I was told radiation didtorts the skin so that is why they do not do recnstruction before radiation becasue it messes up all their careful work.

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I would like to know if you are considering a double mastectomy or will you have them done seperately. If your considering a double you might want to consider one at a time as I did. I was talked out of a double because too traumatic for the body. What about you.

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Tara - I have very bad fibrocystic disease in both breasts - this why that although with annual mammograms my tumor was not discovered until it was 8X10 cm - therefore since mammo's on the other breast may not again detect any cancer - I opted to have both removed at the same time. Advice is leading me to wait until after radiation to consider reconstruction. Did you have reconstruction? Thanks for th response.

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