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Jean and taxol decision

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Hi everyone-

Some of you know that I've been going back and forth with the taxol decision after my Ac (done!). Well, the oncologist put no pressure on me but did say I should give it a try. I reminded him of the possible never-ending pain - he agreed - but still was of the opinion to give it a try.

So tom'w May 11 is the day. I'll let you know later how it went.He said nowadays 63 is not REALLy old - well he's 47 so that's debatable!!

Good Luck to all you wonderful, brave people.....

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Hi Jean, Hope you go into your treatment relaxed and strong. I'm surprised your Onco agreed with you about pain associated with the Taxol. My Onco kept reassuring me there would be no reaction and I would sail through with flying colors. But he is a strong believer in Mind over Matter. Anyway, GOOD luck and I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Love to you, Nancy PS. May 11th is a very lucky day....that's my youngest son's birthday.

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Good luck Jean. I'll be praying for you! Think positively ! Hopefully, everything will go well! HUGS! Cathy

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Hi Nancy and Cathy and others reading this...

Just got home a short time ago from my 9 a.m. appt. I asked if the benadryl might make me sleepy and the infusion nurse said maybe - or very hyper.

Well, I got two Zofran ( even tho' the onco nurse practitioner said - NO vomiting.) did anyone out there have nausea etvc problems.

Then I got the benadryl and percid in liquid form in the infusion. that made me 'wppzy' and the benadryl hurt my arm like a painful grip running from wrist to elbow so he slowed the drip and it went away.

Then the Taxol-TA-DA !!! Went fine and the benadryl went to the hyper end. I talked the whole three hours - my friend's ears must be exhausted. :-)

But I know time will tell - at least I did not get an allergic reaction to it at the start.

Did everyone get blood-pressure, pulse, and temperature checked every hour??

My blood pressure kept getting lower but by the end was where it always should be. It started out at 150/92 anticipating the treatment. Went to 140 /72 at the end.

Nancy,Of course May 11 is a lucky day - especially for your son! He got a great mother that day.

Cathy and Nancy, I did what you suggested and thanks for your prayers and good wishes.

Love, Jean

Good weekend to all!

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I don't see a way to get a message back to correct typos etc. Pepcid, woozy,etc. - LOL!

We got some snacks for lunch- yogurt, apple sauce, graham crackers. If the infusion runs through dinner time, they give a sandwich, soup and cookie or cupcake or canned fruit for dessert. There is soft drink, fruit juices , Boost, coffee, water etc. to help oneself. Is that similar to other places?

Well, you see I still haven't stopped talking.
Bye for now and very best wishes to you all.

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I am getting my treatments at MD Anderson in Houston. They have a full menu to order from for meals. My first treatment fell during dinner and yesterday my treatment was after lunch but I had not eaten so they let me order. You can order as much as you want so I order enough for my husband. Yesday we had a large fruit bowl with banana nut bread, seafood gumbo, southwest chicken club, chips, cookies and cokes. We have 2 year old twins and this is our time to be alone. I know that sounds weird. We talk and laugh and share a meal. It is really refreshing. SO far the TAXOL has been good to me. I hope it continues to.

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Hi Tracy,

Sounds like you checked into the Hilton or other nice hotels - LOL! well, anything to make it pleasant and good that you have time alone with hubby - which helps the whole situation for both of you.

Have a great day tom'w - Mommy - and continued good luck with your chemo.

Love, Jean (not a Mommy - sob-sob!)

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I am a three time breast cancer survivor. Most recent diagnosis was April 2003. Had mastectomy, reconstruction, 4 rounds of AC and started Taxol. During the start of first Taxol treatment I had a severe allergic reaction. I was given premeds right before the Taxol. Ten minutes of the Taxol drip I experienced a full body hot flash, numbness from my shoulders to my face. My face swelled, blood pressure dropped to 60/40. The doctors gave me epeneprin and benedryl shots to counteract the Taxol. I was also put on oxygen. I ended up in the emergency room. I am fine now. Taxol will not be
administered to me again. Taxotere has been recommended. After my experience with Taxol I'm not sure what to do now. I am terrified.
I hope you are given adequate pre meds before your treatments with Taxol. Good luck to you and please wish me luck.

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