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he won't let himself be treated!

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My husbnd has been diagnosed with squamous cell skin cancer. He's got a softball size tumor on the back of his head. He wants it removed, but won't go through with any other treatments...We've got a 3 yr old son and I really don;t know what to tell him. Daddy's probably going too die soon (he left the tumor untreated for a VERY long time), how do I explain it? From what I understand, this type of cancer spreads quickly. HELP if you have any suggestins, I' be happy to hear them.

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I'm sorry about reading about your husband, don't he understand he can live a little longer and enjoy his son. The best why i would explain to a 3 year old is very little let him try to understand, and let him talk to his dad about it juanita

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My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma of his tonsil. He couldn't open his mouth it was so bad. He had radiation 35 times and 2 separate days of chemo and it is gone. There is hope and the things they do now are wonderful. If he is afraid of getting sick or anything, they now have drugs to combat alot. Maybe talk to him and ask if he will fight for his son! I know it is so hard for you. I have been through so much. E-mail me and we can talk. I don't know how to get on a chat line in here. I am new to this.

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I believe that squamous cell is one of the non-small cell cancers. It isn't an aggressive cancer, as opposed to small cell (which is my husband's diagnosis). It may be of interest to you and possibly your husband to read Richard Bloch's book. If you are interested, please let me know if you want more details. Ann

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