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Update on new problem

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Well, I got bad news. The breast cancer is now in my brain. It's not just one tumor but many. Prognosis is not good. I started radiation today. I will have 10 treatments and then go back to my Dr. in Dallas for another MRI and scans. I have fought this cancer twice already this is the third time. I'm a fighter but I have to admit it is getting harder. Please pray for me and my family. The Lord is the true healer of all things. Please pray, Nelda

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Oh, Nelda, I am so sorry! Of course, we will be praying for you and hoping for better news after the radiation.

Love, Jean

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my local support group will add you to our intensive prayer list...there are native americans with smudge prayers nearly round the clock, others who light candles at there chirches, others whose churches have a collection of people who pray on scheduled times to keep the prayers going.
We all do all we can.
Joyous hugs and love to you, cher

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I'm so sorry you have to go through so much. It doesn't seem fair! Hopefully the radiation will help shrink the tumors! I will keep you in my prayers. ((HUGS)) Cathy

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I am so sorry to hear of your news. You are close at heart and on my mind. You will soon feel all the arms of your friends around you. You're right you are a fighter.
"She endured. And survived. Marginally, perhaps, but it is not required of us that we live well." Ann Cameron
Stay close to us,

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You will be in my thoughts and in my prayers. It is amazing what the power of prayer can do! You aren't alone - we are all here holding your hand....Susan

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Hi Nelda - I am so very sorry to hear that bad news. Please keep a positive attitude and my prayers will be with you daily.
God Bless You - Lucy

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Hello Nelda, What kind of tumor have they found, have they given it a name? Also, have your doctors talked about surgery with you? Discuss trials with new medications with your Doctor. I read that the new medication, Temador, has had some sucess with brain tumors. Also, Novartis Drug Co. just received approval on their new drug Glivec and I read that they plan to do trials with brain tumors with this drug. Both of these drugs are in pill form. Hear my prayers for you and feel GOD's loving arms around you. My love to you, Nancy P.S. Nelda, the harvard med. com has a lot of good information on the many different types of tumors.

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Nelda, Didn't you say you are in Texas? Just read about an alternative treatment clinic there. The Burzynski Clinic, having good results with brain tumor patients. I know nothing about this clinic and their claims, don't know in which Texas city it is located. I will try to gather more info. Check it out if you can and see what you think. Love to you, Nancy

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Nelda, Me again. Just went to www.dogpile.com and typed in burzynski clinic texas. There is a web site and lots of info on the treatments. It is in Houston Texas. I did not read all the reports but go there and read about it. You could ask your doctor about this place, too. Love, Nancy

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Nelda - I am so sorry to hear your news. It is devasting but please do not lose hope. Catherine Chen - one of our sisters in Taiwan - had metastatic tumours in her brain & with a combination of surgery & radiation managed to beat them. You are in my thoughts & my prayers. Lots of love Pam

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You've got it, sis!


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