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Hot Flashes! Looking for relief!!

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Hi, all. Mel here with more questions! Just had my 5th chemo out of 6 on Thursday and when I saw my onco told her about these hot flashes and night sweats I've been experiencing. I am 46 and haven't had a period since my 2nd chemo. Anyway, she perscribed Megestrol 20 mg. daily. I am on my 4th day . Does anyone out there know anything about this drug and if it helps at all? I haven't slept the last 2 nights. I am constantly flashing hot to cold throughout the day and night. Also, if anyone has any ideas for relief it would be greatly appreciated!!
Thank you all and God bless.

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Hi Mel. I've had pretty good sucess with a number of Herbs. A combination of Black Cohosh, Evening Primrose, Vit E, and a multi Hot Flas Vit. I also take a priscription called Clonidine. The Supplements help keep me sain...I dont have mood swings or anexity attaches when I take them. And the Clonidine helped reduce the hot flashes by about 60%. Another drug I tried was a combination of Phenobarital and Belladonna. This worked too but I was very sleepy just after taking it and then I developed a reaction to it. So ask your doctor what he can suggest that is not a hormone. Good Luck. Laura

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After 1st week of radiation, my night sweats/ & hot flashes hit!!! Very little sleep. I started taking Estroven, 1 in a.m. & 1 in p.m. They went away the day after I started taking it. I don't know if your Dr. will think that is a great idea. I did not have chemo, only radiation. My Dr. prescribed Efflexor (antidepressant) but I decided to try to soy first. It worked!!!

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