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meds not covered!!

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HI again, well, I spoke to my pharmacist tonight and she said that my homecare will not cover my xeloda, and the Canadian government will not cover it either!! so my oncologist now has to redress the letter to the government in to a 'section 8' is what they call it, I guess they have a list of drugs that they cover, and if yours is not on the list, then you have to go a different route. so keep your fingers crossed, this stuff is expensive, $600.00 for each cycle.
disgusting isn't it? Our coverage with the military will cover 80% of it, but we have to come up with it all at once and then submit the claim, the problem is coming up with the money!! i am sure I will get some good news about it tomorrow, i will let you know.

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Hi dear,
Keep the faith. It will all work out somehow.

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Tiger - Just wanted to let you know that my fingers, my toes, my arms, and even my eyes are crossed for you. They better pay for that stuff - wow, it is really expensive.
My prayers are with you - Lucy

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Dear Rosa:
You think 600. is expensive? My friend I told you about said it is costing her (insurance company)$1,000. a round!!!!! Be thankful you are not paying for it in Georgia. My Aredia costs about $800. each month and the Herceptin is about $1,000. a week. Like one of my other chemo pals said, that she guessed when her insurance ran out she would just be on her own! Ouch!! Best of luck. May God bless you.

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Hi Tiger,
My mom's Dr. filled out a form (has to be done by dr.) and sent it to the manufacterer's of tomaxafin, and she gets it FREE straight from that company. The Dr. has to renew the form every 6mos. , but since my mom is on social security and has NO prescription coverage it really helps her out!
I wonder if the Company that makes your medicine has a similar program.
Good Luck!

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Dear Rosa
What a bummer with that cost. Still with your never say die attitude you will find a way round it. What a strange business this drugs & insurance is. Every country seems to be different. Here, as long as you come up with the insurance premium each month there is no way they can turn around & decline to cover you even if you are costing them a fortune. This seems to be possible in the USA. Also over here if a drug is not funded by the government even insurance companies won't foot the bill. I know that somehow the money will be found to fund your drugs. I belive that you are unstoppable. Lots of Love. Pam

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