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Another Biopsy

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I have had another episode that requires a biopsy and have been out of treatment for 5 years from a previous malignancy. For some reason I am terrified this time - moreso than last and would like to talk to someone who has been diagnosed twice.

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Dear Natalie:
I just wanted to say you are in my prayers. It has only been one year for me, but I can understand your fear for I have friends who have had recurrances, and know how difficult it was for them. New discoveries since 5 years ago though--so maybe it will not be as bad as you think. Try to pray and leave your fears with God--that is what faith is all about--for if you do so with all your heart--He will lift you up and give you peace instead of fear; and light instead of darkness. May God bless you and have mercy.

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Hi Natalie,
Just wanted you to know I have had many biopsies since being treated for my stage 3 with extensive lymphnode involvment, the past 4 years leading up to the removal of the second breast. I know how affraid we can be. But we must learn to face our fears and step forward one step at a time.
Your close to our hearts,

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Dear Natalie
Well I hope I am someone you can talk to. I have been diagnosed twice. See webpage for all the details (to save space) but there have been a lot advances in the past few years. I know saying don't worry is futile because being human we do but worrying will not change anything. Just try to be positive & think that you beat it last time & you can do it again if it does turn out to be BC again. Where is the biopsy site? If it is BC & is in an operable place you have every chance of coming through this again. Let me know how you get on & my prayers are with you. Lots of Love Pam

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