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Breast Calcifications

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I need to hear some experiences any of you
have had with surgical procedures or biopsies
of microcalcifications ?? What types of procedures did you have or wish you had had?
What was the out come of all your testing ?

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Hi! I had microcalcifications. I had a needle localization biopsy which turned out to show DCIS. Had a lumpectomy then ,due to cancer cells still present in the margins, I had a mastectomy with immed reconstruction. Do you know if your calcifications are cancer or just calcifications? Not all are cancerous. The majority are not cancer. Good luck with your testing. Keep in touch. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me here or at RPT1206@aol.com. Cathy

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Hi there, check out my personal web page, I go under Tiger, and you can read my whole story. Any other questions feel free to email me at davem@efni.com
my life is an open book ready to share!!!!

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Hi, I was first dx w/microcalcifications. After my excisional biopsy I was dx as extensive DCIS and upon recommendation of my surgeon had a mastectomy/reconstruction. I also did a lot of research my self, anyway, I was dx with Stage I breast cancer after my mastectomy. Only two lymph nodes were taken at that time and they were benign, but I wasn't happy with that, so I had more removed and two were positive for cancer, so then I moved to Stage II. I am almost finished all my treatments and my hair is growing back in. If I can give you any advice it would be to read as much as possible, be as informed as your doctor. I found www.oncolink.com a great resource. Good luck and please stay in touch with us and above all else, be positive, because no matter what the outcome it has been caught early. Take care.

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Hi, Last November I had biopsies of two areas of small microcalifications....and another area suspicious area in the ducts was removed. All of them turned up to be DCIS and because of the extensiveness of them I underwent a mastectomy. Did not need chemo or radiation per my doctor....am on Tomoxifen. I wish you well, there is a good chance they are benign....hang in there. You will be in my prayers.
Take care, Dee

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Hi - I had microcalcifications - had a mammotone biopsy ( non-invasive) it was inconclusive so I had a surgical biopsy (lumpectomy). It was cancerous - I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ ( it didn't spread and was very small (7mm) and very early. They did a re-excision to make sure my margins were clear (they were) so I had 6 weeks of radiation and am on Tamoxifen for 5 years. So everything turned out fine - don't be nervous - anyway 85% of calcifications turn out to be benign. Let me know what happens - take care - Nancy

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I had both a stereotapic and surgical biopsy done because they couldn't get a good sample from the first type due to the location of my microcalcifications. Most turn out not to be cancerous....I've done lots of reading and talked to lots of medical personnel on this. Mine turned out to be DCIS and I am having to undergo more surgery in the next couple of months. I hope yours goes well. Let me know if you need anything. This is the scariest and confusing thing I have ever gone through so if you have questions...please ask. I wish I would've had someone to talk to when all this first started.

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Hi all: I am 61, overweight, never married, never had kids so I know I fall into a higher risk category for DCIS.  Recently received summary report of annual mammo which gave category 0--but no level--and stated "small cluster of calcifications seen anteriorly in the periareolar region of the right breast which are indeterminate and may just represent vascular calcification; however further evaluation is recommended."  Means little to me since it sounds ambiguous and doesn't indicate anything suspicious.  But I am burned up over the fact that this radiologist didn't use a prior mammogram for comparison since he said so, and he also double-read this mammogram with CAD--which is more prone to false-positive readings.  Double-reading by two radiologists is much more accurate and commonplace in Europe, especially with spotting DCIS.  Moreover, he automatically scheduled me for a double magnificaiton of both breasts, spot compression of right breast, plus an ultrasound of right breast.  I canceled it all.  I am of the opinion that unless another radiologist can give me a more concrete determination by using a former mammogram for comparison, why should I subject myself to further expensive testing which may not even be warranted.  I had a core biopsy done several years' back so I know the importance of comparing old and new mammograms for changes.  I can't help but feel doctors sometimes order a bunch of unfounded tests just to make their Mercedes payments.  In any case, I live in a tiny town that doesn't even HAVE a radiologist on staff, so if this jerk can't be bothered to follow protocol, I'm not following his advice.  I guess I'll have to hunt down another one in another town.


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