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Hello my name is Becky and I am a Inflammtory breast cancer survivor. But someitmes I wish i did not survive. With all of the pain and medical concerns going on. I did not think that this would happen to me. I was diagnosed when I was 31 years old.

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Becky how many years since you were diagnosed? About 1 1/2 years after diagnosis...I felt exactly the same way...Actually took an overdose of my anti-depressants....I didn't feel like I could get back to "NORMAL" while everyone else did. I will be a 5 year Survivor August 12th (I was 32 a time of diagnosis)! I'm glad I'm here...but I do understand wishing the other way. Please contact me to talk. If you were meant to be dead, you would be. There is a reason for you surviving the battle..you may not know why yet..but believe me..there is a reason.

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Hi Becky! My name is Eleanor and I'm also new to this list. Last week I was told I have terminal rectal cancer and will not be able to return to work. I have a permanent colostomy and despite the "bag", pain, radiation and chemotherapy, I believe it's a miracle that I'm here today. Besides that, I love to eat, drink, exercise, listen to music and surf the net. Too blessed to be stressed!!! God is good!

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