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Hi everyone,
I hope you guys find some humor in this, or let me know if my son (and /or me for posting this) need psychological testing!
First of all I have to tell you that my son who's 5 is a major trip,as far as the things he says.Like most kids, he blurts out funny or peculiar thoughts .
Anyhow, we went to see my mom for a couple weeks,and during that time my mom started her Chemo. Not being sure if her hair would start coming out during the visit, my mom was telling him that she may be bald before he went home.
Well ,much to my dismay,this fascinated him, and every morning he would check her hair (!!?!!) My mom got a kick out of this. and much to my sons dismay, we had to come home before my mother was bald! She hugged him goodbye and promised a call (to my son) at the first sign of hair loss and a picture of her bald head when it completely fell out. This is all my son has talked about since we've been home! (I don't know if I should laugh or cry!?!)
I talk to my mom daily, but she called just for him the other day......I said "here honey, its grandma for you"........He ran for the phone grabbed it from me and said excitiedly "So, Gram, are you losing your hair from the chemotherapy?"
,,,,,,my mom couldn't understand what he was saying and kept asking him "what honey?" Well, after he repeated himself 3 times (he was frustrated - chemotherapy is a long word for a 5yr old). My mom finally understood what he was asking her and said " Yes sweetie grandma's hair is falling out"
...his reply? "Gee Gram, sounds like your losing your hearing too!!!"
I grabbed the phone from him, only to hear my mom laughing hysterically on the other end!! Then I had to laugh too. I am so glad it was my mom on the phone and no one else!
Needless to say, he is now checking the mail for his picture of his bald grandma! ;-)

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thanks for sharing that story it made me smile. My kids were also fascinated when my hair started coming out and once I completely went bald, my nine year old son also wanted to be bald. His hair has grown back several times and mine is slowly coming in now. The best part is that everyday both he and my daughter "rub" mommy's hair with carrot oil. They give the best rub's. God Bless you and tell your Mom to hang in there.

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Diane, what a wonderful story! Shows you how innocent and honest kids are. Good luck to your mom! She's in my prayers! Cathy

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Hi Diane,

I'll bet this is making it a little easier for your Mom. Best wishes to her.

Your son sounds delightful. Wish I had a grandson or even some children.

Hugs to all of you, Jean

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Hi Diane, I enjoyed your story very much. I also have a 6 year old grandson who was very interested in my "baldness". I promised all my grandchildren that they could tatoo my bald head with those wash off tatoos. ( not an original idea, someone else had already done that) But they were all dissappointed because I never got completly bald. We need to laugh about all this and the little ones say such sweet and funny and honest things. Love to you, Nancy

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HI Diane, that was a good story, it sounds as if your son is going to be the shining light in your moms chemo therapy doldrums. We all need someone to make us laugh to get us over the rough spots and It sounds as if your son is just the right one to do it!!!

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My mom thought i should share the story and i hope you enjoyed it.
thanks to all for the nice response.

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Hi Diane, that is a great story. Thanks for sharing it with us. These kids are something else. We have two grandaughters, one is
4 1/2 years old & the other one is 11 months. In fact I have been at their house babysitting all week. Their regular babysitter had to be gone so I got to keep them. It was so much fun but I am exhausted. they are very busy little girls. The older one is something else, she doesn't miss a thing. Good luck to your Mom. I will keep her in my prayers. Judy

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You are soooo right to find the humor in your son's reactions! When my hair started falling out, my 8 year old daughter sat on the bathroom counter and had an absolute blast pulling my hair out! We laughed and laughed... what was really a devastating occurance for me, turned out to be a favorite memory! I'm certain that your mom appreciates it as well. We survivors are often worried about how others will respond to us. How wonderful that your son is there with his unconditional love and acceptance!

Keep on laughin'

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