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Revlon Run/Walk

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Hi, I just wanted to check and see how many, if any, are doing the Revlon Run/Walk. I did it last year in honor of my Aunt, who died of Breast Cancer that Feb. Little did I know that I would be dx and just about treated (10 more rads to go) within a year. I am doing it again this year, in honor of myself and all woman past, present and future, who have to suffer this dreadful beast. Anyway, I just wanted to say to those who are doing it, good luck, and for those who can't, that with each step I take, along with about 10 of my friends, I hope it's a step closer to a cure. Will be thinking of you all, god bless and take care.

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Hi! I'm not doing the Revlon walk run but I am doing the Relay for Life on June 1st and 2nd.Good luck on your walk. I'll be thinking of everyone during my walk!

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Hi! I'm am not during the revlon run/walk, but tomorrow is our Relay-for-life walk. It starts with the survivor lap at 7:00pm, lumanaries at 10:00 & the walk is over at 7:00am Sat. Morning. I will have all of you in my thoughts, as I take that first lap for survivors. Hugs and smiles, Maggie

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Hi, I'm helping with our Relay for Life on Sept. 29/30. Ours goes for 24 hours and begins on Sat. at 10AM. Our luminarias are lit at 8PM and then survivors walk at the final lap on Sunday as well. We are giving each survivor a survivor's medallion to wear. Last year we had 150 survivors, this year our goal is 200. Hope all your walks are successful. Next month my support group is having their annual fashion show. All the shops(clothing and shoes) having their items modeled donate 10% back to the group. All of us models are BC survivors. It's great fun for a worthy cause. Margaret

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I did the walk, 10 days after completing radiation. It was so EMPOWERING. I am still raising $. Up to 850 so far.

Are you in LA or NYC? I'm in LA.

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