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Look Good - Feel Better

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Hi everyone. Been out of touch for a while as I have been very tired. But I have to tell you about the Look Good -Feel Better workshop I went to yesterday. It was started in the US & is now being run here in NZ. It is a session for women who have had either chemo or radiation and is a makeover with donated cosmetics from all the top companies. I was picked as the demonstration model. You get to take home all the cosmetics after the workshop & it's worth about $NZ400. They are from Revlon, L'Oreal, Nutrimetics, Elizabeth Arden, Orlane etc. so very good quality. It was a fun afternoon. If any of you get the chance to join one in your town do go. I have never seen such a wonderful change come over the women who were there. Truly an uplifting experience.

My latest tests show my new treatment may be finally kicking in as marker levels have stopped rising for the first time since January so keep your fingers crossed. Love to you all. Pam

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Hi Pam, Such GREAT news about the marker levels !!!! I had an appt. to do the look good, feel good session and canceled for some reason. There will be another one held soon at a hospital near me. I will be sure to go. I do not wear much make up. I had no eyelashes before the chemo so have never bothered with mascara nor eyebrow pencil. Just a little foundation to even out my skin tone and lipgloss. It will be fun to see me in real make up. My daughter and I are going to have our pictures made at glamour shots for mothers day. They make you up there, too, for the photo session. I am soooo glad you are doing well. When I read one post that you wrote while at work, I thought," she's feeling better, to go to work"...That makes me feel better, too. Love to you, Nancy

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Hey Pam,
Good for you. I had the chance to see all about it at a Living Well With Cancer Conference. I never was much of one for cosmetics but it is so wonderful that this is out there for those who do. What a difference it can make when we feel like we are looking good. We do feel much better. Hats off to the Women who continue to make this an option for cancer patients.
Go get them Pam

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Hi Pam: I agree with you that the Look Good - Feel Better program is wonderful. I attended a similar workshop here in British Columbia and I'm still using some of the products over a year later.

I have a six-month check-up with my oncologist tomorrow and am keeping my fingers crossed ....

It's been 6 weeks since my TRAM-flap and my new boobs are beginning to look quite good!

love to all, Carol

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Hi Pam - Yes, I agree with you the Look Good/Feel Better workshop is a great thing for everyone to attend. I also attended one in my area when I was taking my treatments, and it made me feel like a new woman. We also had a lot of fun applying the make-up and watching each other. I am still using mine and enjoying using it.
I am so glad to hear that your new treatment is working and my prayers are with you.
God Bless - Lucy

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Hey Pam - I am so glad that you are doing well! That workshop sounds great - don't know of any around here though. All that free makeup! (I am a makeup junkie). Keep well - hugs, Nancdy

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What a wonderful thing, I've often wondered about such a program "Look Good-Feel Better". Does anyone know how I can get hooked up? I'm in Central Oregon.

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Hi! Get in touch with the ACS in your area. They should be able to direct you. Cathy

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If you call 1-800-395-LOOK, they will tell you where the nearest LGFB program is in your area.

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I have appoint to go to this look good feel better class on Oct. 21th, 2013 at 6:30P.M at kaiser in Hayward. You can call 1-800-395-5665, they will find the class near you. Good Luck.

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Hi PAm,
I'll be keeping my sage burning for you. glad to hear some things are going well for you.
Love and prayers, cher

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