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a new problem

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hi all,my mom recently discovered a knot under the same arm where the cancer is.she is already scheduled to go to see a good doc on friday.has anyone ever had that happen before?she never had a knot there before,even when they found the cancer,which was a few weeks ago.she said that she has had them pop up before,and the docs said they were ok.it has us both worried and plus my dad is not being very supportive to her at all,adding stress to her,so any info you girls could give would be greatly appreciated.thank you and god bless,mark

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Hi Mark! I also developed a lump under my arm and it is common. May just be scar tissue. Don't get too upset until you get all the facts! Good luck! Keep in touch! Cathy

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Hi Mark,
Just wanted to let you in on something I found out after recovery with surgery. It happens that the tendonds tighten up across the chest and down the arm causing a rope like knot through the area. It was quite bothersome and painful at times but with exercise it eventually broke down or up how ever you want to look at it. It took sometime for this to heal. I too was concerned yet the doctors were not. Hang in there. You must take comfort in knowing that your mother knows her own body and will have to be dilegent about problems that continue to bother her.
Best wishes to you and your family,
Say Hello to your mother for us,

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Hi Mark, well I willjust agree with what the other ladies said, it is probably scar tissue, I have the same problem, and actually have a knot under my good arm that is just tendons. Still good to get it checked out. Let us know how she makes out and give her a big hug.

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