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Also numb

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Hello. I was diagnosed with M4 AML two months ago after going in for flu like symptoms. I'm 27. Right now I'm in consolidation therapy, doctors don't think I need a bone marrow transplant because it would be too risky, and I wouldn't be able to have children. Yes, I'm scared. But somehow I've managed this far.

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Hi Kirstin,
I'm Mary, age 45, diagnosed last June 7, 2000, with AML M4. Each cycle of consolidation will get easier, you're hair will grow back and you will start to feel better. I spent 1 month in the hospital for induction chemo and have had 4 cycles of consolidation chemo (high dose ARA C). I regard this last year as having been in the twilight zone. My doctors also do not choose BMT as first therapy since M4 AML has had good remission results using chemotherapy. Let's keep our outlook positive, but there are still those down, dark days. I'm here if you need an ear...I've been down your road. I finally got my Groshong cath out 3 weeks ago!!!
Make the most of each day! Mary

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Your reply to Kirstin was wonderful....thank you for caring. I agree with your response to just stay with the chemo and not the BMT. I was diagnosed with AML M-5 in March 2000, but I developed complications, double pnuemonia and was on a respirator for a month..I then developed aspergilliosis and had to have 2 lung surgeries and one-third of my right lung removed before I could get the 3 rounds of consolidation chemo....ARA C and then the aspergilliosis came back and I had to have daily IVs for six months to get rid of it. After all that I'm curious how you are doing with remission?.....I have a 20% chance or remaining in remission and yet I feel so blessed to even be alive that the 20% does not seem so intimidating......somebody makes up the 20%, it might as well be me......but every now and then the fear of the unknown and the leukemia coming back sneaks in to my psychy and scares me......Do you have family? and how are they dealing with remission? email me back when you get a chance. thanks, Mike

isabelle mosley
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Mary, I'm ISSY-Age63, diagnosed with AML. two months ago. I too spent a month in the hospital for my induction therapy and have had one cycle of consolidation high dose ARA-C .I will go back into the hosipital in two weeks for my second round of chemo. Wish me luck issy

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You caught my flu. I thought I had the flu last thanksgiving-was sick as a dog. Dr said I had complete renal chutdown. Really turned out to be lekumia. I have had 3 sessions of chemo and am now in remission.(what ever that really means) I asked the Dr if I had lekumia and he said no, since I was in remission. There are two things that have made life acceptable. (1) my faith in Jesus Christ and (2) my wife and 2 daughters. I was numb for 3 months until I realized it was really out of my hands. A major lesson for me was not to worry (what good would it do) since I am a professional worrier. I worried about everything!
Send me some more information as you are the firstperson I have talked to about the flu.
I'm retired military living in the San Antonio, Tx area.
Bobby Allen

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Hi Kirstin! You were diagnosed 4 months after I was. I was also 27, morphology M4 Inv 16. How are you doing? Please feel free to contact me if you need a friend.....ksbrown1@aep.com
Keep the faith......Jesus Saves and gives miracles. >

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