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Our Lil Maddy IS 1 Year Cancer FREE!!!

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Hello there, My name is Julie, At 13 months my daughter was dx with wilms tumor, they removed her rt kidney and she went through chemotherapy also. It was a horrible nightmare, but I can say we had her 1 YEAR CANCER FREE CELEBRATION last saturday!!! Any questions, concerns or if you need a shoulder to lean on, email me. Julie

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Way to go! Hey, I'm Robyn and I had a rare type of cancer at the age of 2. I am now 23 and kissed cancer goodbye about 20 years ago. Keep up a positive attitude and before you know it your 20 years cancer free will be here! ;-) Robyn littlesoprano23@hotmail.com

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Hello my name is Christine. I am very glad to hear that your daughter is doing well!!!! I also had wilms tumor as a child I know how difficult the treatments are and how painful it is for you as a mother watching your little girl being pricked, people say that I am strong but I believe my mom is stronger and so are you!!!! Take Care!!!

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