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Burzynski Clinic in Texas

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Recently our nephew told us about a friend with a brain tumor who just completed an alternative treatment at this clinic and has had an MRI this week that indicated that the tumor is gone. Anyone know about this ?

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I am researching to help a friend with brain cancer. His options are not so good with radiation and chemo which will give some more time, but the effects sound drastic. They are ina difficult place.

I have read many posts here and pray you all do well with this horrible cancer. In my browsing I came across and old post as I am looking very seriously at the Burzinski Clinic and wanted to know if anyone here has either been there or knows about it.

This is a very old post (above) but another friend just sent me a copy of the video about Burzynski and his Antineoplastin Therapy which is shown to give much better results and outcomes than the standard Chemo/ Rads and there no side effects to speak of. THis is something anyone with brain cancer or a family member should watch. There is hope.

The video can be streamed online. I am surprised this post has been buried since 2001 ???

The video covers several cases and shows to have very good results with Glioblastoma and other brain cancers and especially in kiddies and young people whi normally have a very poor prognosis. they are treating many other cancers now and have FDA approval to continue.

Dr. Burzinski has had to fight hard against the FDA to keep his research and treatment going. If he were just after money, he would hav sold out and be in a beach somewhere. He is a dedicated doctor. It is very disturbing to see how he was treated and the dishonesty of the government and FDA. They have effectively kept his treatment quiet for many years.

I hope someone can reply with some information and maybe some of you can look further at this option.


PBJ Austin
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I know what it's like to have a loved one with a grim diagnosis and to desperately seek a cure, but we really must beware of people who promise to do what nobody else can. If this clinic could truly work miracles then everyone would go there and everyone would make a full recovery.

Here is a thread from another message board. I will copy and paste a post the link, then a post from someone who did use this clinic:


Having lost both parents to cancer, I would consider myself as an expert in dealing with this disease. In desperation, I took my father to Dr.Burzynski after reading about him on the web.I even interviewed a patient who claimed he saved her life (she subsequently had died of cancer). I decided to take my father to Houston for treatment for 3 weeks to see if he could help. I knew well in advance that my dad was at stage 4 and our chances were slim, but I was told that it would cost $300 a day for the treatment and it was not covered by insurance. We went and soon discovered that we were completely scammed.

For some reason, every 1000 patients that contract cancer and get to stage 4, 1-2% of these patients survive. So if Burzynski sees 1000 patients a year, there is a good chance that "miraculously" a few will get better and they will actually attribute their success to Burzynski. Here is where the scam lies. Desperate people with no hope will do whatever they have to do, spend whatever money they have, even if it means going broke.

What was supposed to cost me $6,000 for 20 days, ended up costing $20,000 as the $300 was just for the medicine (which is a synthetic urine) and everything else cost a fortune out of pocket. What is totally wrong is how they continued to bill my credit card even though my father has passed away. I tried to dispute it and after Burzynski provided false documentation, my credit card company told me to take him to court.

Unfortunately, there are no medical cures. If they aren't doing it at Sloan Kettering, Cedars Sinai, Mass General Hospital, it doesn't exist. I wanted to believe there was a conspiracy theory that big pharma wanted cancer to stay around to sell chemo and other drugs, but this is not the case.

Please take my advise and avoid Burzynski like the plague.

PBJ Austin
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Jake.Alive, I would like to share with you my sister's story. In March 2009 my sister was diagnosed with AA3 at age 25. We were told this was found too late and she will have 3-7 years to live. The chemo/radiation would prolong her life but she would never go into remission.

She had surgery to remove one of 3 brain tumors. She then started radiation treatment at MD Anderson in Houston followed by several months of chemo using Temador. In less than a year's time she was in complete remission!! It has now been a year and a half since her MRI's started coming back clear. We all know remission might or might not last forever (regardless of what kind of treatment is used) but for now we are celebrating every day of her good health and we plan to continue doing so for as long as possible.

I am telling you this to let you know there is hope for your friend. Do not give up on conventional treatment, instead maybe he should seek a second opinion. MD Anderson worked miracles for my sister so if he can get treatment in Houston I strongly suggest MD Anderson instead of someone the FDA is trying to shut down.

All the best to you and your friend.

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Thanks for sharing that information about MD Anderson. I am going to keep that tucked away in case we need it.

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I agree with what they have posted about scams. For every sick patient or cancer, there is some bozo out there trying to make a buck off of them.

If there were a cure, the government would stand to make a fortune and so would the FDA. Why? Because they could regulate and control the treatment facilities and the medications.

Please don't buy into the scams. There are advances being made on many fronts of the cancer fight, but as of yet, no cures. If this guy had found a cure for cancer, he'd be on the front of every magazine, medical journal, newspaper and on the headlines of every night news cast.

Please be careful.

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They saved my wifes life. If I could have, I would have moved down there through the initial radiation treatment as well for that's the only thing that hurt her was the effects of the radiaiton and that was done back home..
But there are 20 or 30 places, luckily, for all just as good as MDA...
I'll be taking my sunshine back down there soon!

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A big thanks for taking the time to post your warning about the Burzynski clinic. I am a mom of a 34 year old, dx AA3/GBM 4-13-11. We are going to Ohio State, which is connected with NIH, so I feel confident that he is getting the most state of the art care. However, one always has second thoughts and at times I feel like we haven't done enough to research other options (the docs have all said that treatment will not make his cancer go away, just slow things down.) I do believe that at first, Dr. Burzynski believes in his treatment, but that it has taken on a life of its own. That now he' become lured into the profit he's making off of these desperate people. I read somewhere that he's even using his Antineoplastons to market an anti aging cream! Talk about a snake oil salesman!

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Hi: I got all excited about Dr. Burzynski's clinic and wondered why more people with brain tumors don't use him. My daughter has Anaplastic Astrocytoma and he has a lady on the video that supposedly he cured. I called the clinic recently and they did not have any hard and fast numbers about the number of people they have treated with that type of cancer. I don't remember the real numbers, but the success rate was pretty much the same as the unsuccessful rate. My email is edna@camai.com, email and I will also forward you some emails my friend researched for me about Dr. Burzynski. Our doctor at Seattle Children's hospital also said he has not proven any of his treatment and he does in fact use chemo in his treatment plans.

If you find out differently, I would love to know! I wish everyone and their family's the best and God's blessings

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regardless of the naysayers, I am so far having good luck with their treatment. Two out of three of my tumors have shrunk dramatically and my quality of life is still very good.

I have no complaint with them.

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Glad to here you are doing well. What kind of treatment are you on?

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Curious if your good results have continued. What kind of treatment do they do? What kind of side effects are you experiencing? Also what kind of cancer?

My wife has to make a huge decision on advanced ovarian cancer that is spreading.

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It makes you wonder if this guy is so great at curing cancer why didn't some-one like Edward Kennedy go there for treatment????????.

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I have read some very disturbing things about Dr. Burzynski and his clinic. (i.e. over charging for chemo treatments that are normal treatments that also preclude people from being able to take part in clinical trials if his tx's don't work, giving people false hope and enormous out of pocket expenses.

If you are confident in your healthcare providers, I wouldn't do it unless there are verifiable results that stand out. Dan has a good point, if Burzynski has a proven treatment, it would be widely publicized and everyone would go there. Just my opinion.

David Lauser
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I am responding to this long after the post as my wife has recently been diagnosed with cancer.


I/we have done exhaustive searches on all alternative medicines and what standard medicine has to offer.

In our case, my wife has an inoperable brain tumor, i.e. a DIPG, which means a tumor located in the brainstem that is infused with healthy tissue.

The only standard effective (temporary ) treatment is radiation....all neural-oncologists we've seen,  deem her prognosis as incurable and fatal.

During our research, we came upon Dr. Burzynski's movie and contacted his clinic, along with survivors that were administered antineoplastons...and...a young boy who is actually on ANP therapy as I write this.

The boy has outlived his prognosis of 6 months and has survived for over 2 years with the same type of tumor as my wife, a DIPG!

Anyone  with any common sense would realize that if this Dr.'s treatment was ineffective and he was in fact a fraud, would ask why he is still in practice, why he hasn't been arrested...and more importantly, how could he have passed FDA Phase 1 & 2 Clinical trails, i.e. safety and efficacy and still be treating people and saving lives?

On a more personal note, my wife has undergone radiotherapy.  We have consulted with every major cancer institution in the USA and all the experts say she is going to die within a year or so regardless of the radiation...she has double vision, can barely walk, talk or swallow...why can't we as Americans have the freedom to choose what medicine she she wants when the powers that be all say she's going to die anyway?




David Lauser 


Here's is one of many validating testimonies:

NARRATOR (reading along with title card of Dr. Nicholas Patronas):
During this trial, one of the National Cancer Institute’s leading experts, Dr. Nicholas Patronas, a board-certified radiologist since 1973, professor of radiology at Georgetown University, and founder of the neuroradiology section of the National Cancer Institute [SOURCE: NIH Staff Pages]—recognized the absurdity of the Texas Medical Board’s case against Burzynski, put his own career on the line and flew himself to Texas to testify on Dr. Burzynski’s behalf. Dr. Patronas testified under oath his role at the National Cancer Institute.


NARRATOR (reading along with the official court transcript from the May 24, 1993 hearing): [SOURCE: Original complete court transcript of the entire testimony 1993]

Q (Jaffe): Basically, just in layman’s terms, you do all of the imaging work and interpretation for the National Cancer Institute’s testing of drugs?

A (Dr. Patronas): Exactly. That’s my job, to assess the effectiveness of the drugs that are given there.

Q (Jaffe): Did there come a time when you became aware of Dr. Burzynski?

A (Dr. Patronas): Yes, the National Cancer Institute asked me to join a group of other physicians and scientists, and come to Houston on a site visit to Dr. Burzynski’s Institute. I was called as an expert  in assessing the images to evaluate the effectiveness of his treatment. The basic conclusion, was that in five of the patients with brain tumors, that were fairly large, the tumor resolved, disappeared.

Q (Jaffe): And that’s part of what you do at the hospital, is to evaluate treatments on brain cancer patients? A: Well, since I am the neuroradiologist I see all brain tumors. And I see a large volume of them.

Q (Jaffe): You testified that five of the patients had their tumors resolved, they all...

A (Dr. Patronas): Disappeared.

Q (Jaffe): Disappeared? Can you give us some kind of context of that? How often does that happen? Just by spontaneous remission?

A (Dr. Patronas): I’m not aware that spontaneous remission occurs. The available treatments rarely produce results like that. The only medication, the only treatment, which I think is a last resort, is radiation therapy. Conventional chemotherapy is—provides very little, nothing, basically. So when this happens it is very rare. In these cases, all of the patients had already failed radiation.

Q (Jaffe): What happens with these patients, who failed radiation, with brain cancer?

A (Dr. Patronas): That’s it. They die.

Q (Jaffe): You are saying, that if someone has already failed radiation, there’s not much else?

A (Dr. Patronas): Nothing to offer, exactly.

Q (Jaffe): And there is nothing that you can do at the National Cancer Institute?

A (Dr. Patronas): Nothing we can do, not at this present time.

Q (Jaffe): What about these five patients? How come they lived?

A (Dr. Patronas): Well, it’s amazing, the fact that they are not handicapped from the side effects of any treatment, and the side effects of most aggressive treatments are worse than the tumor itself, so these particular individuals not only survived, but they didn’t have major side effects. So I think it’s impressive and unbelievable.

Q (Jaffe): How many times have you seen this in your experience? How often does this happen?

A (Dr. Patronas): I don’t. I have not seen it at any time.

Q (Jaffe): Now, let me ask you your opinion or advice. Based on what you have seen, what would happen, let’s say, for some reason Dr Burzynski’s brain tumor patients can’t get his medicine anymore, and have to go off treatment. What’s going to happen to them?

MR. HELMCAMP (prosecutor): Objection, Your Honor, not relevant.

MR. JAFFE (defense): I think it is relevant. That’s really the issue we are advocating in this case.

JUDGE: Overruled.

A (Dr. Patronas): I think these patients will die. [SOURCE: Original complete court transcript of the entire testimony 1993 (same as above)]


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My mothers expetimental chemo was 5000.00 a pop 5 days a week..while her pain medication...and she had many..300.00 for one prescription and you think Dr Burnzynski is expensive..ny mother would still be alive if she had known of him! How dare the medical community publicly execute this man..its all about the Benjamin's..that Omar chic is right on that one! Disgusting..the AMA were the white coat nazis from hitlers days..then there was camp 731..where vaccines and evil may have been born..all this propaganda is for money..oiwer and Eugenics..population control! Sic world..but since Monsanto gave my entire family cancer for many generations..chemical spill in Alabama..as du pont..evil just merges or changes its NAME..but i heard they made a prostate cancer vaccine iff his work! But half tge new phds in this country are fake..my doxtor doesnt even know about parasites..lol..watch zombie parasites..discovery channel YOUTUBE documentary..answers to suicide and transgenderism..they turning your boys to girls and girls to boys..exact words in the bible..cursed i guess from all the evil the medical community has done ....Dr Judy Mikovits..Plague..idiot doctors are brainwashed fools doing as THEY are told by their darl lords

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