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New Experience

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Good morning.. I had an interesting experience last night and I wanted to share it. I went to a digital camera class last night. For the first time since my chemo I wore a hat instead of a wig. To my surprise I found the men in class didn't seem to mind - they visited with me etc., but the women - I felt they were afraid to look at me. During the break I got up and went into the little lunch room - they had wonderful cookies - and the two women that were in there just stopped talking when I walked in and didn't say anything. Has this happened to anyone else? I couldn't help but feel uncomfortable - like I shouldn't be there and I know thats not true! I talked to my husband about it when I got home - he said I was a reminder to them of what could happen. Maybe thats true. Then he gave me a big hug and told me I looked cute! Sure do love that man.
Today is my 2nd Taxol treatment - I didn't get much sleep last night - worrying about the treatment and hoping the Perkaset (sp) works. I won't be around till maybe next Thurday when I get back to work and a puter - will let you all know how everything goes.
I wish everyone a good weekend.

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Good Morning Susan, Those ladies just did not know what to say to you, so they stared and stayed silent. Some people have to experience a thing to understand it. I had to experience a death in my my family to realize that when you lose someone you love, you welcome conversation about that person and you want your friends to drop in and visit, and call. Before, I would stay away and not want to intrude on someone's grief. Now, I make sure to send a short note with a memory of the person lost. Keep wearing your hat and next time that happens to you, just smile and say hello to the "eyes" and go on with what you are doing. Maybe this Taxol will be easier for you, my 2nd one was the least achy of all. Hope it is warm and sunny for you this weekend. Love to you, Nancy

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Hi susan....can't say i found that, but i wore a hat all the way thru, so everyone had to like it or lump it! if yu like to check out my web page yu will see my in all my glory in my hat! i see my surgeon today, and that is always interesting...take care, Susan

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Dear Susan: I think your husband is right--we are a reminder of the fact that 'if not for the grace of God--there go I'--it is just human nature; not the best side but just true. Some start as children making fun of other children, then when they mature their past haunts them. With any tragedy it is the same, whether from a disease or whatever. I had a lady ask how she should treat her daughter-in-law after her diagnosis. I said just like usual--don't make a bad situation worse by acting like she has turned into someone different just because of cancer. Just a bit more TLC--that is the main thing. Good luck with Taxol. God bless you. Brenda in GA.

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