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Need info. re: biopsy

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My girlfriend had a mam & ultra sound done yesterday because her Dr. found a lump just behind her nipple. The mam./ultra sound indicates the lumps borders are irregular. She can't decide wether to just do the needle biopsy now or have the lump removed all together. Anyone have any experience with this, how can Kelly get the information to make this decision? Thanks for any help!

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Hi! Honestly, from my experience, I would get the lump removed! It doesn't belong there,and,even if it proves to be neg now, it could change later. Better to be safe than sorry. If in doubt, have another opinion. Good luck with your decision. Let us know what she decides and the end result! Cathy

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Definately get it removed!!! Even if it is not malignant now, it could change in the future, and the needle biopsy is very iffy. There was a lady in my town here who had a needle biopsy, was told it was not cancer, then two years later died of massive mets. The Dr had not inserted the needle into the lump but just outside of it and just drew out normal tissue. Talk about medical screw-ups. I dont want to scare you, but a surgical biopsy really is a piece of cake, and a peace of mind.
good luck.

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Hi, I had a fine needlle biopsy and then a core biopsy and both showed normal cells but mammo definitely showed tumor so surgeon said it would be good to remove it anyway. When I had excisional biopsy, tumor was determined to be malignant. Margaret

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To my knowledge the needle biopsy only provides a sample for the pathologists to examine. If the path report says the lump is a tumour why on earth would she leave it there? I would recommend your girlfriend get on the web and do a bunch of research about this, as it sounds as if she has some misconceptions about breast cancer. Love Susan

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My mamogram showed extensive calification, and the surgeon felt a lump that didn't showed up on the mamo. This means i need to worry about 2 different area. We decided to do an surgical biopsy plus a local wire localization biopsy. This removed the lump and get enough sample for the path. Turns out the lump is stage 1 cancer.
The surgical biopsy wasn't bad at all, do it as out patient, slept for most of the day, i don't even need pain killer. Went back to work on the 3rd day. It really wasn't a big deal. Plus the surgeon did a great job of having the stitches around the nipple and it doesn't stand out at all.

Good luck and take care.

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