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onco stopped taxol

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Hi ladies,
I went yesterday for my second taxol. When I started telling my doctor about the pain in my finger tips and feet he asked if it was still there if it didn't go away after just a few days...wheich it hadn't.
Then he asked about all the other stuff on my list. or at least a couple of the things.
like the speedy heart beats.
then he canceled future Taxol treatments. he ordered more heart scans and chest xrays because of the pulse and the chest pains.

yesterday my fingers got so bad during the morning that I couldn't unbutton my jeans to use the bathroom...luckily they are a little big and I squeezed them down over my hips before having an accident, but I was really worried for a few minutes.

He says these taxol side effects should go away soon.

The really scariest one, was that my shoulders and collarbone areas had the same sort of burning pain as my hands and feet, and it just keeps getting worse,,,,just feels like the tissue below my port is on fire.

I see the oncologist in three weeks again.

scans and xrays on this Friday.

I don't know when they will start my radiation now.
I'll try to get back on here when I can.
much love, hugs, and prayers to you all,

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cher. that's too bad about the taxol, but its not much good if the treatment kills yu! I am sorry you are experiencing so much pain..it is a real drag, to put it mildly. My radiation starts Monday, so I am really pleased to finally get that show on the road...I have to travel four hours a day to get it, and I suspect you are in the same boat...Saw a Stellar jay the other day, and have evening grosbeaks and Oregon juncos at my bird feeders. havent seen a heron land on the river yet this year, nor a bald eagle yet! but I will! love Susan

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Hey Cher! Sorry you're so uncomfortable! Hopefully the MD is right and the discomfort will subside quickly, then you can get back on the road to recovery.Will keep you in my prayers! HUGS!!! Cathy

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Hi Cher, sorry things aren't going so good for you right now. Hopefully you will get everything back on track here soon. My thoughts & prayers will be with you. Judy

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Cher - My prayers will be with you for the scans and xrays and remember to keep a "positive attitude". God Bless You - Lucy

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Hi Cher,
Welcome to the once only Taxol club. I had the same symptoms, and now just have the tingling but not numbness or pain. I waited three weeks before I started my radiation. I am now on Tamoxifen. You will be fine. Margaret

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Hi Cher: I just wanted to warn you not to be upset if the fingers,etc. take a while to get better--maybe three months. You will be in my thoughts and prayers--may God give you the strength and courage you need to get through. Hugs from Brenda in GA.

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