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sclc, 1 1/2 centmeter in one lung, uncurable?

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I was diagnosed with sclc Nov, they actually shrunk everything down and had no change, this is after the entire radiation, and chemo 6 months. They did a pet scan and it showed some residual cells at the original sight, which was the vena cava. I am in stage 1. Thhey had me talk to a surgeon and he said it was too close to the vena cava. In the intrim it has been 6 weeks since I have had any treatment for it. I went to my chemo doc and she wanted me to try a couple of rounds of tepotcan. I got to the office to get my chemo and my docter said she had asked her , the other docter what he thought. He said he thought it was uncurable, I left, I felt as though I was dumped, my son got on the phone and demanded that I recieve those doses until we can find a clinical trial. tell me what you think, please

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Hi Tee,
This is fava, wow what a turn of events!!! so are they giving you the treatments anyways? just curious because my mom has the same thing going on but her original tumor in the vena cava was egg plant size, when she bent over she could feel it inside her she been fine though.finished treatments in Jan now we xray and ct scan every 6 weeks..nothing got worse so far thank god.it's just sleeping I guess, I hope it never wakes up, keep us posted:)

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I think you have major problems, and I can't express to you how sorry I am to hear that. I also think that your son is ablolutely right - you need to find a clinical trial program. They are making amazing steps every day. Find someone who cares - like in a big hospital / teaching institution. I am going to Indiana University / Purdue University of Indianapolis. The people there see me as a person, not just another number. Even though they see hundreds of patients, they're humanity has not been affected by it. They truly care whether I live or die. Get away from any small time, small town doctors you may be seeing now and find a big university hospital. I don't know where you are from, but there will be something near you. Chicago has Loyola / Northwestern University. All large metropolitan areas have something. Find it. Best of luck to you - I will be remembering you in my prayers.

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I believe in a fight. I dont want any doctor telling me no. Not when it is life or death.
I would find a cancer hospital and another doctor asap

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I don't know anything about your particular cancer but my kid sister's life was probably saved by a second opinion. She had some brain tumors and the first doc said they were inoperable. She got a second opinion and they did remove the largest tumor. She went thru chemo/rad and in spite of a grim prognosis she is now NED. (No Evidence of Disease) You really must keep looking.

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Time for a new doctor second opinion. Topotecan didn't work for me I had 6 rounds and my tumors grew. I just got rid of all my oncolgists and started with all new ones. This is your life and you have to take control of it they won't. There's so much out there for you you shouldn't be waiting around and never take no for an answer. Your life is too precious.

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