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taxol and gender discrimination

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hi all...I had my second taxol treatment yesterday....since my doctor spends alot of time in research I asked him what exactly the taxol does that causes the pains? he replied...no one really knows...HA! that's comforting...then he said...the odd thing is men don't usually have bad pain with taxol only the women do...well- just another example of gender discrimination if you ask me! why are we so lucky?
yesterday I spent the day with an older gal getting her last taxol treatment. she's had
ovarian cancer twice, and since we have the same surgeon[that we both love] she was telling me about her surgeries[ both in the same place] and the possibilty of another in the future...when I said "why don't you ask dr. Delgado to put in a zipper?"
She laughed and laughed and thought it was a good idea. She had a great survivors attitude and it lifted me up too, and helped the day go by quicker.....lindy

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Hi Lindy, well the deal with the Taxol pain in women only is that we are stronger than men. Can you imagine a man going through the same kind of pain we have? Pregnancy, nursing, cracked nipples, loosing virginity, tubes tied, etc, menopause!!! If a man had to deal with all of that, well, the earth would be sadly underpopulated!!! Now I am just being mean, but it is true. Women are so much stronger and organized than men, it is a a proven fact!!!

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hey tiger** boy ain't it the true, men are babies when it comes to pain. One week when my blood count was low, my whole family got a bad cold, except for me cuz I was staying in my room...then my husband got sick too and he was coughing non-stop at nite..so I said-- I really think you should go sleep on the couch, because if I get sick ,I will have to go to the hospital...and he got all pouty and said...well I'm sicker than you are....
****HELLO !!! I have CANCER*****
you have a cold...I just couldn't believe he said that...Most of the time he's pretty supportive, but let him start to feel a little achy and he immediately wimps out.

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I agree with Tiger, too. My husband is that same way. I had a cold and was achy last week and really feeling AWFUL and when hubby would come home fromwork, all he could do was complain about is leg and hip hurting and needed to get his ankle up!! HELLO!!! I was looking for a little relief from caring from the baby, and my biggest baby was too wimpy to take over. Oh well....I have seemed to do it all myself most of the time, anyway!!! I do love my husband and he really does want to help and be there with me, but sometimes he just seems to forget that I am REALLY sick and his aches and pains are trivial. Oh well, that's just men, I guess!!!

Blessings and hugs.....Wendy

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