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In Hospital again

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Hi there. Been off line for a while as I have been hospitalised again. Had excrutiating pain in back & down left leg. After tests, x-rays etc & being kept in for more CT's they have decided that vertebrae collapse has pinched sciatic nerve. Very painful but not life threatening. Rest & anti-imflammatories & pain relief only needed. Seems to be one thing after another. See oncologist again on 30th April after more blod tests. Apart from sciatic nerve feeling pretty good. Hope everyone is feeling good too. So many new members out there need our help it's almost overwhelming. Thinking of you all. HAve not heard from Wendy or Catherine either. Love to all. pam

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Dear Pam,
Sorry to hear you were in the hospital. Glad to hear you are doing better. I will keep you in my prayers. Get plunty of rest and take care.
Many Hugs Leanne

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Welcome back Pam! We were all very worried when we hadn't heard from you.Sciatic pain can be awful. Take it easy.Rest!Enjoy Spring! Glad you"e home and feeling better. HUGS!! Cathy

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Pam, I understand your back pain all too well. I had surgery to remove a disk in my lumbar. It still hurts all the time but not like it hurt before the surgery. That pain is like having a heart attack in your back !! I took an anti-imflammatory, naprosin, for many years, and that helped. Had to quit it because of a kidney problem. My body parts all need a change out.....I do have a VERY strong heart, they tell me. That means I get to feel pain for a good many more years. Rosa tells me you may visit her this summer. When will you make your trip? Both of you have been through so much, I wish I could wish it all away for each of you. Glad to see your post, we were all getting worried. Love to you, Nancy

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Hi NAncy. Thanks for your response. Know what you mean about a strong heart. My mother had a pacemaker fitted some years back & when she was dying of stomach cancer (at 86)she lasted 6 months longer than expected as her pacemaker kept her going. If it had been removed she would have gone very peacefully several months earlier. Makes you wonder doesn't it. Yes I am planning on visiting Rosa. I have a cousin who lives in Hamilton who I have never met but we correspond & exchange phone cals etc. We are going to see them on the way back from a trip to see family in UK in August. They are driving me up to see Rosa as she is only about 4 hours north of Hamilton. Won't it be wonderful. The only snag is that so far I have been forbidden to fly until my spine is stabilized as any turbulence could cause a major problem & no airline will take me on at the moment. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Lots of love. Pam

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Hi there Pam...I remember having a pinched sciatic nerve once, and it was indeed excruciating..I remember the feeling that if I could Just stretch my leg out further it would ease it, but of course I couldnt! Yes, there are many new people here, but I just think it is great that they have all found the site. My problem is that I cant remember who has what, and what treatment they are having. Maybe we should develop a code for filling in each post with our situation. Like me...let's see.. dx10/00/lob2ly/rt/pm/m/chAC/rad4/01...can yu figure it out? give me your interpretation and if you can get it maybe it is something we can adopt! If yu can't..then mybe it's not such a good idea! I have sent emails to Catherine, but, as you say, no reponse...she was planning a trip to the States this summer...Hope you are having a good day! Love Susan

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Hi Pam! Glad to hear that you are alright and sure hope the medication helps with your pinched sciatic nerve. I know that gives you some real bad pain - I have back and muscle problems. My prayers are with you on your appointment with the oncologist on the 30th of April. Keep us posted.
God Bless - Lucy

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Hi Pam, it was good to hear from you again. Sorry you had to be hospitalized but glad things are getting better. Hang in there. I'll keep you in my prayers. Judy

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Dear Pam: So sorry about your pain, because I know exactly how you are feeling. Suffer the same problem. Actually Vioxx for arthritis helps more than I could believe. Hard for me to sleep some nights because of pain. Just hate to have to take more medicine for relief. God bless you and keep you strong in mind and spirit and body. Hang in there. Brenda in GA.

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