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timing of chemo

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has noticed better or worse feelings depending on the time of day when chemo is received.

My first was pretty easy - given quit late in the day - the next was very early - for me!!- 9 a.m. and many more side effects.

# 3 - four weeks apart - was late afternoon again- and the easiest of all.

# 4 yesterday was early and I feel wiped out today. The friend who takes me likes the morning because the office visit etc - then chemo- takes awhile. They are always running behind with so many patients.

My first taxol will be at 9 a.m. and I won't have to wait because I'm doing the "other stuff" the day before and will drive myself for that day. I hate to inconvenience her because she's been wonderful, but would really prefer the afternoon. Perhaps tho' the timing is my imagination ??

Thanks, Jean

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Jean: I think it is the nature of chemo to affect yu differently each time...it did me, and i had them all pretty much at the same time of day, but perhaps with you that is significant...go ahead..inconvenience her! Love susan

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Thanks a lot. Susan, for the response. I think you are right. Each time is different and each person is different - that is the stressful part of it because we fear the unexpected.

No, I won't inconvenience her anymore than I have to. She has been so helpful, with colon surgery four years ago and with thyroid surgery in 91. And I never had to ask,she said I'll be with you.

In 91 my mother was in the nursing home; in 96 she had just died two months before. So I have no family at all except some cousins out of state - one retired but she didn't offer to fly here for awhile.

Today, the second day after the AC, I feel rather energetic - enuf so to clean the kitchen - even the top of the refrigerator which I usually ignore!!

The decadron makes my face red a couple of days after - today and maybe tom'w and it feels hot. I know it's the decadron because I did not get it the first time. with taxol I should really be blushing - ok as long as it goes away!
Love, Jean

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