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Hi everyone, I start my chemo tomorrow with TAXOL. I am scheduled for a CVC insertion on Monday. What is your opinion of the CVC versus the port-o-cath? I am not fond of needles and am very scared about this. Please write soon.

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Hi Tracy, Tiger here. First of all why do you need one? I was told at the beginning of my taxol that my veins were getting hard from the other eight rounds of chemo I had, so I should have a port-a-cath put in, but in my gut it just did not seem right, so I declined. I went through eight Taxol and will have the last one on Tuesday, all in the same hand, no problems. Question as to why you need a port a cath. If you in fact do need one, I was told by lots of people that the cvc is easier,cleaner, and less painful. Good luck and keep you chin up!!
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