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got a big question

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hi,my mom went to see the surgeon today,since her tumor is at the back of the breast,close to her muscles,he says that they will have to do a pinpoint biopsy,which a radiologist does,after it is done they cut it out.does anyone know anything about this?she is wanting to know a little more than he would tell her,any help would be very appreciated.in other words,as soon as they do the pin point biopsy,they want to cut it out.please anyone let us know what you can asap,thanks and god bless,mark

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Hi Mark. I'm not sure, but I think I know what you're talking about. My br ca was first diagnosed in my arm pit in the nodes. They had trouble locating the primary in my breast. After a CT scan, they found a little spot they thought might be the primary, so the radiologist used the films to go in and stick 2 long very narrow needle-like wires in my breast using the mammogram "machine" to make sure he was putting them in the right position.....they position them from two angles so that the surgeon can cut out the exact and precise spot the radiologist has marked....like 2 cross hairs. Anyway, if that's what your're talking about, it works slick as a whistle. They found my primary, and got it all out with clean margins. Good luck to your mom. PS. Yes, they take you straight from the radiology dept to surgery.

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mark...if you can encourage your mum to say ' i don't understand' then the docs must tell her more. there is no need for her to come out unsure of what is happeneing..I took my son to all exams, so he sat in and listened and asked questions too, so we knew exactly what was going on...It sounds as if the pinpoint biopsy is simply a method of establishing the exact location of the tumour, so that the surgeons job is easier....because if I recall, she has already had a biopsy that determined the tumour was cancerous, right? If your mum gives permission for u to talk to the doctor then you could phone and find out for yourself...might your mum get on this site? love susan

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I was at my surgeon yesterday.Being that my lump cannot be felt by neither he nor I, but it is visible on the mammograms and ultrasounds,He said there were 3 choices of biopsy he had to pick from. One was what he called a Mammotome, a machine which they use for a mammography xray guides a needle to the spot and removes a piece for biopsy,the others have mentioned the 2nd - the radiologist can mark with a wire(s), so the surgeon knows where to biopsy because the wires act as a target for him. What he is doing on me is sending me to radiology, having a mammogram done, having my breast marked, and then I go to surgery so he can open my breast and remove the lump and any questionable tissue and lymph nodes he finds.This will be done as outpatient surgery on Monday.

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Hi feathers. I had the needle biopsy with the mammography. I went to the office where I have my mammography then with wires sticking out of my breast went to the hospital,waited about 3 hrs. then had the biopsy. I had no anesthesia with the mammog and insertion of wires. I think that was the worst part! The biopsy was easy compaired to that. Try to talk the radiologist into anesthesizing the breast before sticking the needles in. Good luck! I'll be praying for you. Let us know how you do! Cathy

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I was really worried about the needle biopsy because I read somewhere that it was quite painful, but I found it no more painful than a needle stick to start the IV and maybe less so. I had it done at the hospital before the surgery.

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