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Pain in chest nothing serious!

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Hi,girls. Went to the Onco today & had a chest xray- everything is clear! She said that my Plast.surg. has filled my expanders soooo full that she can understand why I'm in pain! She explained that he must want me to have plenty of "sag" later on. Thank all of you for your words of wisdom and advice! It is so difficult NOT to think the worst when you have pain but if you think about it...we have been through a tough surgery. There's gonna be PAIN! Don't know what I'd do without ya'll. Oh, had to start Neupogen shots today so I'll be hibernating the next 3 to 4 days. Talk to you soon!

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Hi Mel - So very glad to hear your good news and now you can concentrate on getting better. The Good Lord does answer our prayers. Good luck with your neupogen shots and my prayers are with you.

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Thank you, Lucy. The Lord does take care of us, doesn't he? Had my 3rd shot this morning and my back and hips are killing me. Knowing that I only have 2 more rounds of this keeps my spirits up and looking forward to getting the reconstruction done and over with!

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