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Pain on cancer side! HELP!

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Hi, all. Just Mel here again trying to get some answers to this pain on the left side of my chest. Seems today that it is worse, but still no fever to indicate infection. Anyone who has gone thru or undergoing reconstruction with tissue expanders, please fill me in. I am going for my lab tomorrow, so I may have to talk to the doc about this. It is scaring me.
Love to all,

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Hi mel,,,didnt have reconstruction but am an expert now on pains in the chest following mastectomy! Have no idea what your is of course, but I can tell you none of mine are related to the cancer,,,just to the surgery...maybe send me an email at this site and we can compare notes on pains!!! and dont forget...just because you have cancer doesnt mean you wont also get other things! unfortunately it doesnt make us immune form other nast things! love susan

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Hi Mel! I had reconstruction with Tram flap not expander but, I have to say, with the entire surgery, I never had breast or chest pain. You have to expect some pain but shouldn't be as bad as you describe. Don't be afraid to call your MD. Maybe something else is going on. In todays medicine, Quality of life is so important and noone should suffer that way. There are many,good medicines out there! Good luck! Keep us informed. HUGS, Cathy

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Hi Mel,
I think you will find any number of women who have suffered the pains of trauma to the chest. I have found many others like myself who suffered other problems due to treatments and surgery. We must all remember the nerves and nerve ending involved with such a sensitive area. Who would of thought an area that was known to bring much pleasure could be our own worst enemy. I suffered three different nervous disorders that contributed to the chronic pain I endured. The best advice I can give never give up and don't let them forget the areas that are bothering you.

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