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New to this Message board, Hello to all.

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I had uterine cancer in 1991,I went thru 3 months of internal radiation and have suffered thru all the radiation necrosis I received due to that, I couldn't work for 6 years and am finally on meds that allow me a semi normal life. I had a mammogram last Thursday, and I just found out yesterday that I have a lump in my breast, I had many ultrasound and scanning tests today and am awaiting my scheduling of the biopsy, doctor said he is concerned by what he sees, he said he wishes he could tell me not to worry but he can't, and that it is not a cyst or fibroid, but a solid mass. To say that all the fears of 10 years ago have not come back to me is way off course. Cannot sleep, cannot eat, and cannot stop these tears. Looking for friends and support from those who have gone or are going through this too.

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hi there. i felt the same way. i had uterine tumors that they were trying to shrink with large doses of estrogen. they believe that caused my cancer to grow out of control (5 lumps). 36 years old and two sons. i had just started a job in feb. of last year and discovered the cancer in may. i walked around like a zombie for days. i knew i had many decisions to make and was in such a daze. well, those job friends were lifesavers and have been my support group & a huge blessing. i just finished treatments two weeks ago and would be happy to answer any questions if you submit a message to me. the ladies on this message board will be invaluable to you in the days to come. in the mean time, god bless and lots of hugs...april

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Bless your heart. My prayers and thoughts will be with you in the coming days. Please stay in touch and keep us posted on your progress. You will find wonderful support on this network. I am almost finished with chemo after undergoing a double mastectomy in Dec 2000. Will be finishing reconstruction after my last chemo on 5/31. I have no way of knowing what it feels like to have a recurrence but I know that my faith in God has gotten me this far in my treatment and He will continue to carry me through whatever lies ahead for me. God bless you.
Love & hugs,
Mel in Arkansas

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Hi Feathers..you have a good cry..you deserve to have one, and dont feel guilty about it either...but i suggest you put a time limit on it...say, until Friday...then you are simply gonna deal with it...and hey, dont jump the gun...breast cancer is very treatable these days...have a good cry until Friday, then get back on here and tell us what the path reports say, and you are going to hear from all sorts of people who have the same as you. I will watch for you post...Love Susan

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Hi there, yup, this is a real ***** to be going through, but you can do anything you set your mind to. I believe that in spite of my diagnosis,I am going to live a long full life. I cried rivers at first, but now I just carry on day by day. I think I was blessed with this, yes I said blessed, because I was so uptight about my appearance, weight etc. I would not go outside if my hair was not just right, I needed makeup all the time, blah blah blah. I was working constantly, six or seven days a week, twelve hour days. I had two sons and a wonderful husband at home, but I was stressed from work all the time, and had no time for my family. Well, I am now 40 lbs overweight,bald as a babies butt,and semi boobless. I go out without a prosthtic, only wear a bandana, and I DONT CARE!!!!!! I see women in the mall, dressed to the nines, hair and makeup perfect and they just look me up and down with a smirk, well, I used to look like that, but it can all change in a second. I am happier now than I have been in a long time. I quit my job and stay home with my kids.Despite the way I treated my husband for a long time, he is so loving and supportive now. Now I truly know the meaning of life and love. I will beat this, and so will you. It is a long ,hard journey, but nobody ever said life was easy. We are all here for you, no matter what, no matter when. Have a good cry, then suck it up and carry on. I have stage IV breast mets liver, and have been in chemo since January 2000. So I am not just blowing hot air. We will survive, and we will laugh at cancer.
stay in touch and let us know how your appointments go. No matter what,there is always someone out there who is in worse shape than you are. Embrace life and enjoy it, to hell with the cancer.
Fight The Good Fight.
hugs from Tiger

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Rosa, You are a beacon of hope and strength and courage. When I read your posts, I always smile and wish we lived near, so we could visit for real. Hope that snow has melted and you can go play in the dirt with your garden. Wear a big hat to protect your face from the sun and sunscreen, and gloves. Love to you, Bossy old Nancy

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Hi - You need to keep a "positive attitude" and the Good Lord will help you through all of this. There is nothing wrong with tears -
I have shed so many of them, that I wonder if I will ever have any left. Let us know how you make out with your biopsy.
God be with you - Lucy

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I saw my surgeon yesterday, he thinks it is unfortunatly quite likely it is cancer. He does not want to do a needle biopsy, on Monday morning I am going in for same day surgery. He will go in, remove the lump and the tissue nearby which appears to be changing. Says he wants to remove all that is there in the event it is cancer. I think that will be best. They put me on sleeping pills 2 nites ago to help me sleep, 'what's that??' didn't help much the first nite... but I think either exhaustion or the med helped me to sleep about 3 hours last nite. My daughter is a bit 'punchy' now that it is scheduled. I try to remember that anger is a childs way (and often an adults) of reacting...she is 17, and she seems angry about all this now. My heart hurts for her, this is time # 2 she has seen me go thru this. Hubby is being wonderful and supportive. Seems like everyone is suffocating me. Even when I try to nap, there is either someone on the phone or at the door. Talk about a replay of 10 years ago. Dr said that if it is in fact cancer, he will have the path report in about 3 days, and will discuss followup treatment at that time. Yes, I am weepy, not as much today... and today is Friday... but scared... and knowing full well I have a lot of choices ahead of me. Thank you for the warm welcome. Thank you for letting me know I will not be alone with all of you here.

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Hello, I am new to this message board, and my heart is with you. I was recently diagnozedwith breast cancer,and had lump removed it was a mass, I was told stage 4 as it is also in my lymph nodes. I have had 2 chemo treatments and have gotten through it, you will also. I have had to learn to be strong and you can be also, it is hard and the tears will come, let them I did and still do.now it is the fear that takes over and tears do not come. Mine was also a mass and my dr's wasted no time had the lump removed next morning, and node in my neck 2 weeks later. I will be here if you need to talk.

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