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New to this Message board, Hello to all.

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I had uterine cancer in 1991,I went thru 3 months of internal radiation and have suffered thru all the radiation necrosis I received due to that, I couldn't work for 6 years and am finally on meds that allow me a semi normal life. I had a mammogram last Thursday, and I just found out yesterday that I have a lump in my breast, I had many ultrasound and scanning tests today and am awaiting my scheduling of the biopsy, doctor said he is concerned by what he sees, he said he wishes he could tell me not to worry but he can't, and that it is not a cyst or fibroid, but a solid mass. To say that all the fears of 10 years ago have not come back to me is way off course. Cannot sleep, cannot eat, and cannot stop these tears. Looking for friends and support from those who have gone or are going through this too.

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Hi There,
My name is Leanne I am 38 and was diagnosed with Breast cancer last Aug. 2000.
I have been on a roller coaster ride ever sence. I had 4 A/C , 4 Texol and on my last leg of Radition. In all it will be 33 treatments of Radition with only 7 left to go. I maintain a posittive attude. One thing I have learned Cancer is not a death sentence as I allways througt. There are new drugs comming out every day.
When I found my lump I was in the shower and something told me to check (which one and where) now that same voice is telling me not to worry it will be all right. Far as I am concerned it is all in Gods hands.
At first I was walking around in shock but I got a handle on it. It must be so hard for you where you have been throug this once allready.
The doctor told me that I am in remission for now ...but cant give me a 100 % cure. I take what I can get and live each day to the fulliest. I know it can come back but I will handle it the same way I did this time. Its amazing what the mind can do.
Your in my prayers and stay positive!! Take care and God Bless.
Many hugs Leanne

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I am newly diagnosed and had my surgery over a week ago. The worst part of any medical procedure is waiting for the results. The most important element of attack, along with your treatment, is a positive attitude, no matter how the cards fall or how hard they fall. You fought your first cancer; you can do it again. You will go through the stages of shock, grief, anger, acceptance. Check out the Reach to Recovery support group. They are wonderful--they've been through breast cancer and know just what you are going through. They helped me tremendously to understand and deal with my grief and anger. It's going to be a long struggle, but I'm ready for the battle.

My prayers are with you along with a hug.

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