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hi,i was wondering if anyone knows what usually happens after a patient meets with the surgeon.i know that it is probably different for each patient,but is there a usual thing that happens?i would appreciate any info that anyone can give,god bless u all,mark

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Hi Mark! Usually,when you meet with a surgeon, he evaluates your pathology report and then discusses your options and makes specific recommendations. I saw the surgeon on a Mon.,had the biopsy the following Mon. Had a lumpectomy the following week, then found out I needed a Mastectomy and reconstruction and had that 3 weeks later(long interval do to husbands traveling and our vacation)Not everyone has surgery as quickly,and some have it quicker. Don't feel you have to use that surgeon if you're unsure about his plans. You can always get a 2nd opinion if you feel more comfortable. Insurance usually covers 2nd opinions.Good luck with the MD visit. Keep us informed. Cathy

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HI Mark, Cathy is correct, you meet with a surgeon, he will advise of surgical options, then she will have bone scan,cat scan and possibly an ultra sound. This is to see if the cancer has metastasized anyplace else in the body, then after that you will meet with an oncologist who will advise on what sort of therapy is best for your mom.
I had a mastectomy in Jan 00, pathology a week later showed tumours on my liver, and I started aggressive chemo on Jan 28/00, and will hopefully have my last one April 24,01.
It is a long process and a scary one,just be there for your mom, dont let her see that you are worried, and most importantly, DO NOT IN ANY CASE ask the onco for a prognosis. I asked my first onco for a prognosis and he said I had a year,maybe two, Well, I almost killed myself when I came home, but then I bucked up and demanded a different onco, and I am doing awesome!!!!Sure, I am bald and short one boob, but hell, I am still alive and proving that first onco wrong. Drs cannot tell us how much time we have to live, I have exceeded all my drs expectations,he knows now that I am a fighter and this is not what is going to get me in the end. Fight, be strong, but importantly, keep laughing.

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hi mark...what probably happens is, if the surgeon decides the lump needs to come out, surgery will be very quickly arranged. the patient may be given options, like a full or partial mastectomy, so there will be a decision to make if that is the case. Lots of big words will be used, and I looked them all up on the net so I was as fully informed as I could be...I found that to be best for me, but I have met women who dont even care to know what type of breast cancer they have..And what will defintly happen is that your phone bill will go very high! Love Susan

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