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Bone and CT test results

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Hi everyone,
I picked up the bone scan and CT scan reports today. As far as I am reading there are no other tumors!!! It did show some degeneration of the bone in my hips, right knee and right shoulder but that is not serious. I am faxing these to MDA tonight and as soon as I can get in to see Dr. Rivera again he will plan my treatment. Then as I have said insurance has to approve me going there and then we can finally get started. I want to thank you again for your continued prayers and support, not only for me but for my family. We have received sponsorship for our next pageant as well as some food brought in a time of need by a friend from church. God has blessed us Dan I am beginning to feel this was God's way of reminding me how loved I am. I will keep you all updated.

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Hi Tracy, I'm glad your reports were good. Good luck with getting everything set up with the insurance, I hope that all goes well for you.
Having the family support really helps through all of this. Some people don't have that so for those of us who do we should feel very fortunate. My family has all been really good, especially my husband. He has just been great. Today is our 31st anniversary so we've been through our share of ups & downs but nothing compared to this. It has definately made our relationship stronger though.
I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Judy

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Hi Tracy! Great CAT scan results. What a relief. Now to start your treatments so you can get this nightmare behind you. Good luck with insurance. Remember, don't let them give you a hard time. You have rights to coverage. FIGHT if you have to! Keep in touch. Cathy

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Hi Tracy - Thank you for the wonderful news and I wish you luck with your treatments now.
The Good Lord does answer prayers, and he is by your side. Glad to hear that your christian family is helping you out also, this support is great. Keep us posted and may God bless you. Lucy

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Hi Tracy! That is wonderful news about your bone & cat scan! Don't give up on the insurance matter, you can fight them. Still in my prayers, Take care Maggie

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