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Wonderful Women

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I have been reading messages for awhile now and am so inspired by the courage that each of you face your struggle with. Isn't it funny, in 1997 I couldn't find the support that I needed. Lots of support but not the one I was looking for. I came to this site searching the net and still find myself needing to be around women just like myself. Treated for the "Big C". It that could of ended the life, I once knew. I am so fortunate to be among you.
This site makes me see that there will always be those who must follow in my footsteps. This is an incredible thing, a dumping ground for all the pent up feeling. Saying ones anguish without burdening the family we so desperately want to protect. It is through sharing of experiences that one can see "the relm of posibilities". Happy Easter to you all.
May we all have the courage to face our fears and go on.
Thanks to you all,
24242 Tara

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Hello Tara, I agree with you that this is a place to find support and compassion and understanding for the fight we each are fighting. I visited a neighbor today who had ovarian cancer...."9" years ago.....She was in stage 3 ovarian cancer when it was discovered during a surgery. She had a very aggressive chemotherapy, receiving 2 liters of cytoxin at each treatment through a tube directly to the ovary and later, she received Taxol. Both of these drugs made her very very sick during this time and none of the anti-nausea drugs helped her. But she SURVIVED. Another neighbor had a tumor in her abdomen weighing eight pounds. She also had surgery and chemotherapy and is still here and living a very high quality of life. Treatment does give us another chance to live. Another chance to appreciate this world and the people in it. Another chance to praise GOD for all the beauty around us and the bounty we receive..everyday. Love to you, Nancy

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