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Hair Regrowth

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I finish my course of chemo 4 AC followed by 4 taxol on March 15. When should I expect my hair to really start growing? I have some regrowth but it seems to be very very thin, is this going to be permenant?

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I finished my 4 AC and 4 Taxol in October. By November I began to get eyebrows and eyelashes. I had some really fine head hair. By March I was ready to banana-less. But my hair was less than an inch, but looked great. I swear it is just more than one month later and my hair is another inch longer. Before Cancer, my hair always grew fast, now it seems to be growing really fast. Good Luck!!

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Hello BB, I finished my last Taxol on March 26th of this year. (after 4 A/C) My hair began to sprout after the 3rd Taxol treatment. I was ash blonde before and my new sprouts are snow white. It seems a little thin over my forehead and at my temples but is thick in the back. Of course at this point it just sticks straight up in the air so is hard to tell much. I will keep you posted about new grow in. Nancy S

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