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anyone know?

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hi all,when they found my moms caner she said it is close to her muscles and glands.thats about all she will tell me.the last mamagram before the one where the docs found it was about 14 months ago.does anyone have any idea if it is worse for it to be so close to her muscles?and info would be greatly appreciated...god bless

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hi mark, I understand how worried you are about your mom,your mom may not have any more info yet to give you, until she talks to her surgeon. a cancer surgeon is an expert at reading biopsy reports. there are different types of breast cancer, and many factors to
consider...how big is the tumor, is it aggressive,how fast is it growing,what kind of negative factors does it contain,has it spread. these are all things her dr. will tell her. this is called staging her cancer,
but no matter what stage her cancer is, the most important factor is her willingness to fight and keeping a positive attitude. people with a high level of support,and something to live for -like watching her grandchildren grow up, have better survival rates. you are a thoughtful son to get on here and want to find out all you can to help her.keep letting her know how much she is loved and needed and that you are there for her.

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