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just found out

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hi,i just found out my mom has breast cancer,i believe she said it was closer to the back of her breast.she won't talk to me about it much,and i am worried sick.she has an appointment with a surgeon wednesday,why i have no idea.do any of you have any clue as to why a surgeon so soon?she just found out last friday.she has had mamagrams about every 14 months,i hope that is soon enough.if any of you can offer any advice or information i would greatly appreiciate it.my wife will be having our second kid in two weeks and we want my mom healthy to watch it grow.god bless u all mark

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hi mark, a surgeon would be the appropriate person for your mom to see. he will discuss the nature of your moms breast cancer and give her all her options for treatment. The important thing to remember is breast cancer has very good survival rates,especially when caught early . If she has had yearly mams then that is probly the case. this will be a very emtional and stressful time when she has decisions to make ...be there to support and let her know how much she is loved and needed. it's a good idead for someone else to accompany her to dr's meetings because it is hard to remember everything that is said, especially if you are trying hard not to cry while he is talking, as many of us are at first..knowing how much you love her and care will help....lindy

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Mark...because breast cancer is so treatable these days the doctors really hurry patients into their treatments to give us the best chance, so you will probably find it will be a whirlwind of treatments and operation for your mum shortly. she will feel as if she is being hit by truck after truck for a while, so the more support you can give her right now the better...and try and get her to this site...she would find it most useful to share notes with other cancer patients. I myself was diagnosed in October with lobular carcinoma, have had chemo, and two operations, and am now heading into radiation...I am 56 so possibly the age of your mother? there have been great strides in breast cancer treatment so I hope you are able to get to some of the very informative sites about it on the net..byr for now...susan

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