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On weekly check ups now.

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Hi everyone. Things are going a bit pear shaped for me. I am now on weekly check ups with oncologist & weekly blood tests. They have found new tumor in lumbar spine & cervical tumor is growing despite radiation. I see oncologist again on Saturday so keep your fingers crossed for me. I must admit to being a bit down with this setback. Love to you all. Pam

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Dear Pam,
So sorry to hear about your news. I will say a special prayer for you tonight. Stay strong.
Many hugs to you Leanne

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Hi Pam, sorry things are not going to great for you right now. I will keep you in my prayers & in my thoughts. You have been through a lot & you will get through this. Best wishes to you. Judy

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Hi Pam,

I read your web page. You are an inspiration to others and very brave. I hope you will get some good news soon . In the meantime, I'll be thinking and praying for you.
Love, Jean

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Dear Pam, What do I say? I admire your strengh and courage so much. You respond to all of us with our somewhat trival complaints while you are fighting this vile disease with all your power and might. You are more than an inspiration, you are a brilliant shinning light to everyone who reads this site. There is going to be a break through cancer drug that will stomp out this cancer sometime very soon. I heard of a drug called Glivak, a pill, marketed by Norvartis. It is in trials now and has had wonderful results with leukemia patients and they are going to see how it works with brain cancer and colon cancer and other cancers. It is on the fast track for approval from FDA and is already in mass production. This was talked about in a news report on NBC news with Tom Brokaw. This may not be the silver bullet but one is near and will put an end to all this suffering. Better days are ahead for all of us. Love to you, Nancy

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Dear Pam - My heart goes out to you and you are definitely an inspiration to all of us.
You keep a "positive attitude" - because I know that you are a fighter. Please keep your head up and hang in there. My prayers are with you daily.
Love, Lucy

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another damn steam roller eh! You've had so many Pam you're entitled to feel a little down. I find watching the birds great therapy for my spirits...have several bird feeders hanging on a post just where i can see them from my sitting spot in the living room. With binoculars and bird book beside me I am in my own little world....communing with nature! I've done a lot of sitting lately...trying to get through this complication from my mastectomy...but I think it is finally getting better so I should be able to start radiation soon...Is it still nice enough to go to your beach? I have a river in front of my house too...I call it my river as well! We worry about flooding every spring, but we will be ok this year because the snow pack has been very low for a change...Actually my bird feeder is like this site...birds come and go, some stay a while while others just pop in periodically...and occasionally, very rarely, I get a blue heron in the river...for his infrequent visits he is no less welcome..Take care...there are lots of us out here rooting for you Pam...Love Susan

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