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test results...grrr

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Got some test results this morning, Doctor will talk to me tomorrow when I get my 3rd treatment...can anyone let me know if this is good or bad news? red blood count was 30.5 and white blood count was at 1.9. Since I'm new to this, I just don't know if this was alarming news or can I finally smile? I hate to alway sound so down, but I just haven't seen a light at the end of the tunnell here....think it's blocked. I'm exhausted, don't sleep hardly at all. I have worked every day faithfully since I got this job, but I have to say this is really doing me in. You all have been wonderful with your responses and well wishes....someday I hope I can return them. My heart goes out to all of you have gone thru this. Sure is hard to be in a pleasant mood. The nurse mentioned I may need to get a shot of something called Procrit (spelled wrong i'm sure)...but she said the doctor would talk to me tomorrow. Anyone get this before?

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Hi Blondie, Isn't is frustrating when someone gives you news that you are not sure about and then, oh but you have to wait another day to speak to the Dr.??!!
I dont want to give false info, so I am not sure about the blood thing, but you may be wise to leave your job and work faithfully at getting well again. You cannot exhaust yourself,or your body will not heal itself and neither will your spirit. Look into going on funded support for awhile, if anyone deserves it you do. And when you feel better physically and emotionally then return to work. Your health is of the utmost importance right now. Some people can work through chemo with no problems, I couldn't, the stress of my job would be enough to do me in, so I quit.
Let us know what the Dr says. good luck and keep smiling.
Hugs from Tiger

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hey blondie!...good to see yu.....at the beginning I likened it to being repeatedly hit by trucks, and steam rolllers...the news just always seemed to get worse...bam...and I was down again...but it did eventually get better. I also realised that...for me...knowledge was the key...I requested...and got, copies of all reports, test results...then i would get on the net and research every damn word till i knew everything about it... I could then talk intelligently to the doctors, ask the right questions, and it made it so much easier...there's even a site on the net where yu can determine, statistically, your odds of survival...I did it on the premise that only when I know the size of the monster could I take accurate aim...and would it surprise yu to know that i have now forgotten what the survival odds for me were! Like Tiger, I couldnt handle working while on chemo, but i did try to drop into work...which is my own store...for a little while each day. but I decided that, for once in my life, I was going to put me first! I have had setbacks...you will too...just know they too shall pass, and I can assure you...the light at the end of the tunnel has NOT been turned off...you will see it when you get around the next corner...love Susan

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Hi Blondie,
It just may mean that your blood count is low and they want to give you a boost to make it better. There is a site on the net for procrit...its www.procrit.com and it tells all about it. Might help you understand what procrit is for. I never had to use anything during chemo but I came close around my 3rd treatment but it was not low enough for them to worry. I dont remember now what my count was.
I will say a prayer for you and stay postive. Hang in there. I hope this helps you. Take care and let us know how it turns out.
Many hugs to you Leanne

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hi blondie, keep hanging in there babe! Your blood counts are low and that is why you are so done in. the procrit will help your bone marrow to boost production. if your doctor suggests putting off your next treatment till your counts come up, don't fret. you want to stay as strong as you can and not let your body get too week.better that it take a little longer than try to push it and lose all your strength.I have have pushed off treatment a couple of times to let my body get that extra few days to build itself back up before hitting it again,so don't worry ...it will be fine. I remember in your first post you mentioned working to try and pay for your medical exspenses. do you not have insurance? I ask because I didn't have any insurance and was able to sign up for the breast cancer treatment fund, which is for uninsured people that do not qualify for medi-cal.You may want to check and see if your state has one[ I'm in calif.] It is picking up the tab for all my treatment and is worth looking into.....lindy

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thank you for that info..........so guess i won't be having a treatment tonite then..:-( I'm proud to say have not missed a day of work...would have loved to, but cannot due to the bills coming in. I'll check into that fund, but have not heard of any. As for being run down, yes I am...extremely. I try to keep my spirits up and not let those around me see how drained I am, but...well, thanks again for your message.

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