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thank you

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i just wanted to thank everyone that has been helping blondie (and me) during the time of need. i appreciate all that everyone here as done for her. we are still trying to work things out, and i am still pulling for her.

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The last thing Blondie needs is for you to let her push you away. (Sorry if that sounds a bit pushy.) Just be patient and PRAY a lot. The main thing RIGHT NOW is to keep her positive and going to treatments. The rest will have to be put on hold. How far away are you from each other? You seem like a real good man....just be patient. She has had so much to take in and deal with in a very short time. Believe me, it will be a real roller coaster ride for her---the ups and downs are many.

Hope that this has helped a bit more. Just remember, we are ALL pulling for both of you. Just HANG IN THERE!!! Keep us posted on things. You both continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Hope that you have a good weekend!!


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