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Joined: Feb 2001

A few years ago I would have made some gloomy remark about another birthday(56), but when I woke up this morning, all I could say was 'thank you Jesus". Last year I wasn't sure I would have another b'day, but the Lord has been merciful; and I feel so much better. This is the best birthday I have ever had!! The best present - just feeling well. We do tend to take our health for granted until we lose it.

"Don't worry about tomorrow because God is alreay there!"
Hope this is a good day for all of you.

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happy birthday brenda...it's so funny that i said just the same thing today. my birthday is next wednesday. told my co-worker that normally i cry every birthday, but this is one birthday i am so happy to have. this is one i might never have gotten. i finished all my treatments last friday (they started almost a year ago)...and this birthday is going to be great!!!! what a blessing another year is - a real gift. may we have many, many more. and now your birthday blessing - may He bless you, keep you, cause his face to shine upon you and give you perfect peace. congrats...apryl

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Congratulations Apryl. Here's hoping for many many more. ENJOY!!! Cathy

Posts: 931
Joined: Oct 2000

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a wonderful day! Hope you do something special! ENJOY!!! Cathy

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Hi Brenda - Let me take this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday and yes, it is something to thank God for. I know that I will feel the same in July -as last July was not an impressive birthday for me.
Again, Happy Birthday and God Bless.

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Happy Birthday to you! I can relate, because my birthday is this Thursday and I feel fortunate to be here to celebrate it with my family and friends. My treatments will end May 15, God willing, so next year will be even better. I think birthdays will be different for all us from now on. Its like a new beginning that we have been given by God. God Bless and have a wonderful day!

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Happy Birthday Brenda. I hope I feel the same way in August when my next birthday comes up. I spent my last in hospital having a bronchoscopy that confirmed I had lung mets and thus a return of my cancer. Just to be there in August will be great but I know I can make it. Lots of Love. Pam

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